Moved the Sofa/Workout Machine Myself: I mean business!
That Bogan with the Staffy? He's a hot mess!

I Cleaned my Room!

I'm in the home stretch of the "A Billion Reasons Why" edit.  I love this book, just because I love the era and the romanticism of a simpler time when less was more.  

I was feeling overwhelmed by my desk this morning, and do you remember when your mom told you to clean your room, and you shoved everything in the closet, praying she didn't open it before you got out the door?  Well, I want to report this tactic still works.  I cannot see anything that was on my desk.  It's all there, but I'm hoping to get the book out the door before I notice.

And there's my new couch.  Great color, huh?  It looks good with my French Country chairs, but it's still kid proof.