I Cleaned my Room!
Reflections on Finishing a Novel...

That Bogan with the Staffy? He's a hot mess!

So Nic from Australia and I have ongoing conversations all day long.  Because I'm up late, and she's up early, the Down Under time warp works for us.  

Once in a while, we get caught up in a translations issue.  Now Nic sent me a book called "The True Blue Guide to Australian Slang" and I have to say, I LOVE me some Aussies.  They have words with that English wit that goes straight to the heart of the matter, but with the downhome quality of an American redneck.  

So today, I finished my editing on "A Billion Reasons Why".  Because I'd gone from computer to computer, and had the kids home, the first manuscript was a hot mess, so it took me forever.  

"A hot mess?" Nic asks.  

"Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan = hot mess."

The other day she sent me a pic of a Bogan house.  (Aussie redneck) She told me he was the real deal.  Had sheets on the window and a Staffy (Staffordshire Bull Terrier. What we call a pit bull.)

I just find it funny that white trash and crazy folk (and let's face it, we share Mel) are universal truths, but language evolves.  Most of the Aussie slang that makes me laugh out loud is pretty straight forward.  Here are a few of my faves: 

Stunned Mullet: Dazed and confused.

Suicide Blonde: a blonde who dyed her hair at home.

Go bush: leave the city for a humble lifestyle (um, no thank you!)

In honor of my Aussie theme, here is art from the museum Nic went.  Ron Mueck is his name and he does these sculptures that are creepily lifelike.  I have to admit, if I had the right kind of house, I would enjoy having a creepy, fat baby in my foyer.  Though, that probably makes me a Bogan.  Wait, the sofa on the front porch already does that.