Dancing with the Stars

ACFW Conference Highlights (Continued...)


So I didn't get to do nearly enough classes, but Michael Hague's class on bringing screenwriting tips to your novels was definitely my favorite, and I bought his DVD on writing romantic comedy, so I'm anxious to dig into that. Even though, it's not popular to call novels romantic comedy from a genre point of view, it's basically what I do, so call it what you like.

I met with my editor about my "brand"

I, people, am a Tiffany's Box. Open my books, and you will find something of a luxury. Substantial, but perhaps unnecessary. Now I have to beg to differ with that last part. Luxury, be it in love, espresso, or a good handbag, is what makes life worth living.

Ate out with two of my publishing houses. Revell took us for a lovely dinner atop the hotel in a restaurant that spins. Albeit slowly, but still, the bathroom moves, so you have to keep your eye out for when it comes around or you may have a trek. Thomas Nelson took us to the Alcatraz Brewery where I sat next to an Amish writer and drank a margarita. Do you think that's a sin?

Actually, I think the chocolate-covered espresso beans were more of a sin because I did not shut up for two hours. I read James Scott Bell's "The Art of War for Writers" on the way home, and he's done it again. I love his writing books, he's really great at honing in on what writers need to hear. Again and again.

So now I'm home. I miss my friends, who I didn't get nearly enough time with, but my dog slept on top of me last night, so I guess she wanted to make sure I wasn't going anyway. Life is good.