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Brad Womack the New Bachelor...


I seriously think the Bachelor franchise has had one too many alcoholic beverages before their decision-making meetings. First off, Brad was THE most hated Bachelor after turning down both women -- including Deanna Pappas. Not to mention, his season was boring the first time. Do they think he's suddenly grown interesting? Are they planning for HIM to be jilted publicly so we can get some vengeance on? What's the game plan here because this guy could not be less of a catch.

He owns a bar in Texas. Do you want to marry the guy who owns a bar in Texas? Because I'm thinking not. I'm picturing the kind with peanut shells on the floor, but I could be wrong. It's hard to root for love for someone who thinks he's above it all and that's my impression of him. Player. Commitment-phobe. Not to mention, owning a bar doesn't exactly lend itself to family life.

My dad's friend owned a bar up in San Francisco and one night after a Giants' game I was there as a child -- we were waiting for the bus. I think this is where I decided that I was never going to be a barfly. I believe it was the Hispanic male in the red leather pants dancing that did it for me. My fate was sealed.

If women are dumb enough to go on this version of the Bachelor, I hope it's to get famous or be the next Bachelorette because I think looking for love might be futile.