ACFW Conference Highlights (Continued...)
Glee Starts Tonight! And other musings...

Dancing with the Stars

I've never made it through a full episode, but I watched it. All of it. I still don't get it, but three more nights until Glee baby! WOOOHOOO!!! Except I heard Gwyneth Paltrow might be on as Mr. Schu's love interest. I hope that isn't true. I like the neurotic redhead. Back to Dancing...


Tuned in kinda late. Some sports guy. Don't know him. Don't care.

Margaret Cho. Love her. She has one of my favorite lines about "our" music. Someday, we'll all be sitting in the nursing home saying, "Play Hungry Like the Wolf again." Her dancing leaves a lot to be desired, but maybe if they bring out the Duran Duran, who knows? She'll probably get the Korean vote and stay in, I hope!

Bristol Palin. She's so cute, and I have a heart for her because she kept believing that tool who fathered her child. I'd like to see her get into great shape and start fresh. So I hope she'll stick around.

Brandy. Snore. The "Situation" -- I do not know what to think of this train wreck that is the Jersey Shore. How does someone with nothing to offer gain that much confidence? He danced like he belonged in the special class. Did we really make someone famous because he has abs and gets in an icky hot tub weekly? We are like one step away from the gladiators at the Coliseum.
Is it just me or does that host's dress make her look like a Barbie? I swear the bodice hits her plastic boobage just like it does Barbie's. It's not even sexy because I just picture her knees making that horrible rubber bumping sound when they move.

Mama Brady looks great. Is that smile permanent though? She can move for her age. I'm impressed, but I'm still bugged how she always took Marsha's side, so I can't vote for her.

Michael Bolton looks an awful lot like Barry Manilow now. Dang, from mullet to Manilow. He. Can. Not. Dance. He reminds me of my old Italian uncles I was forced to dance with at weddings.

Jennifer Grey: My favorite and let's face it, nobody puts baby in a corner!

The Hoff. Three words: I feel violated.

I knit half a scarf while watching. And I wrote a chapter today and got 9 loads of laundry done, my house cleaned after a weekend away (does no one else get that the floor is not a place to hang things?) and helped my daughter with math. She's in fourth grade, this is about my limit, then her brothers have to step in. Happy dancing people! You know, I would love to see MC Hammer on this show.