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Doctors are not gods!!!

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It's no secret that I am not a fan of doctors who believe themselves to be gods, and above questioning. Listen, I don't mind that doctors don't know everything. They're human, after all. But what I do mind is the fact that some can't SAY they don't know and that lack of humility can cost YOU!

So I'm listening to Doctor Radio today and this idiot is on talking about obesity in kids and getting lap band surgery on TEENS!!! That, however, was not my issue. This guy calls in and wants to know his opinion on high fructose corn syrup and its introduction into the American diet and how that coincides with the weight gain of kids. I would add hydrogenated oil to that, as well. And this idiot doctor says, "Sugar is sugar!"

No, dude, it's not!!!! Your body can process sugar because it's natural. It does not know how to react to high fructose corn syrup and it can destroy the hypothalamus gland. Your body does not know how to process fake oil either, so stick to cold, expeller-pressed olive, pure cocoanut, safflower, etc. Basically, if you can buy it on your regular grocery store aisle and it's on sale, stay away from it!

Because I went on the MS diet LONG before you could get any of these items in regular stores, eating healthy was a nightmare! Now it's easy! But I pay four dollars a bag for potato chips -- and I always have. I buy non-hormone milk, and I always have. Let me just say, my kids are pigs. They go through a bag of chips a day, a gallon of ice cream in three days and I use real cream and butter when I make their mashed potatoes, and you know what? They are TOTALLY healthy and if anything, they could use a few pounds.

But when I hear doctors talk like they know things, when they don't, I get SOOOO angry. Just say the research isn't in, you idiot. Sugar is not sugar if it's high fructose corn syrup. I bet you my kids take in as many calories as a lot of fat kids in a day. It's the KIND of fat they take in!

I have had MS since I was 19 (though diagnosed at 28) -- my first doctor told me I needed a psychiatrist (which I probably did, but that wasn't the reason for my double vision -- that's because I was a writer!) and not a neurologist. My mom paid for me to go and since that very day, I knew no one was going to watch out for me. It was up to me to stay healthy. If anything, my MS has been a gift because I learned early that you are on your own out there, so if you're waiting for Obama-care or any other kind of care, save your money. You're better off spending it at Whole Foods -- where I just came from incidentally.

Jonah goes, "Hey Mom, how come everyone in there is tall, wrinkly and skinny?"
"What do you mean? I'm in there?"
"True. You're not tall." Oh SNAP! Hurt the boy, he's bringing in the groceries -- and my gorgeous kid is fifteen tomorrow! SO he's forgiven.

Note: My FIL is in this pic and he's a doctor and this is not a rant against him, just a cute pic of my kids way back when. The fifteen year old is in the Kings shirt. Ah, they grow so fast.