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One of my guilty pleasures is Rosie Radio -- it's on Sirius/XM and it's Rosie O'Donnell musing about life. Rosie has a different perspective on the world and I enjoy hearing other people's experiences in life. What I love about her show is she always gives her listeners a chance to talk -- whether they're talking about making choices in your thoughts, squirrel experiences or UFOs.

This morning I cracked up though. Driving my son to high school, Rosie's on and she's talking about UFO's (why don't normal people ever see UFO's? Or do they, and they just know better than to talk about -- cue Rod Serling -- look him up youngins!) So this morning, she's on the radio and a child walks into her studio and says, "Mom, I'm bored."
"Honey, I'm working."
"You're just talking."
"That's my job. I talk for a living. Go help Tracey garden."

My son starts cracking up because that's exactly what my kids do. "You're not working, you're playing on the computer."

"Just because you use the computer to play doesn't mean Mom is playing."
"You're on Zappos!"

Naturally, seeing the world's differing perspectives is the best part of my job. Everyone's a character. Especially the lady who called Rosie today. She was a long-haul trucker and had a UFO encounter -- but here's the good part. Her Siamese cat, who was naturally IN the truck with her started communicating with the aliens...wait for it...TELEPATHICALLY! Get that woman her own reality show!


See Beth, I don't listen to Doctor Radio ALL the time! I mix it up.