Glee Starts Tonight! And other musings...
Brad Womack the New Bachelor...

Family Night -- Gleeks 'R Us

Remember when family night included Monopoly & Battleship? Well, I have an aversion to board games, unless it's Trivial Pursuit or something that involves interaction. I can't play Scrabble with my family because I don't have the patience to play with a certain engineer. I'm not naming any names here, but my mom does a load of laundry while she waits for him to take his turn.

So tonight, we had a family night my style. I made my Nana's pasta and marshmallow brownies, and we all settled in for the "Glee" premiere. Now, I have to say, as an avid chick of the 80's AND a Broadway fan, I was not happy with the ode to popular music from today. First off, who's going to download it? Kids will want the real rapper, not some Broadway version of it -- and let's face it, there ain't NOTHING wrong with the 80's people. Journey, Styx, Queen, Michael Jackson...when you can all improve on that, you give me a call.

Today I was listening to the 40's station and Artie Shaw came on. He once was performing at the Fairmont when I worked there and I got to see him, and my son goes, "He's still alive?"

"Well, no, that was in the 80's, 20 years ago."

To which my son says, "THIRTY Mom!" Oh, the humanity! You know, this kid is old enough to drive, he needs to go get his license and leave me alone to my inner thoughts reliving the glory days.

So back to Glee. Is that Coach Beast, Coach Ken dressed like a woman? Or is that really a woman? Loved the one-liners tonight. Loved the Asian camp scene, as I saw that with my own eyes: Math camp over the summer. Ugh. We called that summer school and you got it when you failed. Just sayin'

Here's Elle's take: "The guy who sang billionaire was HOT!" Emphasis on hot. Lord have mercy, she's only ten. She also is dressed in her Rachel outfit for the event. We're nothing if not enthusiastic around here. So what did you think?

I'm looking forward to Britney Spears' week, but I'm a little worried about Rachel. She's too skinny, didn't you think?