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Gag Reflex & Eye Candy

So I have three boys and an outdoorsman girl (my lot in life!) and so naturally, Survival shows are big in our house. Last week, I talked about my gag reflex and how it is not strong. When the homework is done, and the dinner dishes started, what better way to relax than try to keep our meal down by watching Bear Grylls eat a delicacy like raw octopus. I literally do not watch, and I'm ready to wretch just HEARING him eat these creatures. The worst image is him tugging on a snake with his teeth. ACK!

Sometimes, I'll look up and Bear has some sort of insect leg hanging out of his mouth. Or he's crunching some kind of beetle. In short, it's NASTY and tonight they had a compilation of all the nasty stuff he's eaten. Thank goodness, they did not show the water he drank from--- nope, can't even say it. Let me just say, even if I was dying, I'd be saying my prayers and my goodbyes. I would never be that desperate.

But thank goodness for Dave Pearce tonight. He's apparently a rope specialist and former commando, and may I just say, he gives Colin Firth a run for his money among the Brits. I could only find a picture of him that's not very flattering, but tonight, he provided a reason to look up. And I live through another night of my kids' "reality" shows.

Dave pearce

Now my son is watching a Marine training show on snipers. From Glee to all this testosterone. Sigh. What did normal people watch tonight?