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Family Night -- Gleeks 'R Us

Glee Starts Tonight! And other musings...

Elle just informed me Justin Bieber is supposed to be on next week. Ugh. Isn't his fifteen minutes up yet?

I saw a woman who needed her espresso more than me. She'd put it on the ground to get into her car, and then, left it there. I tried to chase her down, but she was gone...I just felt her pain...reaching over and there is no cup of comfort beside her. Tragic.

Also tragic? THe barista I prefer was doing counter work today, so I got HER. The one who makes my soy mochas weak. Love her. She's very sweet, but she needs to take my order. Just sayin'

I got my Kindle while I was gone. I mean OUR Kindle. It's supposed to be for the family. Yeah, when they wrench it from my cold, dead fingers perhaps. I downloaded my first book. At the Revell dinner, I sat next to Andrea, an editor from New York and she was supposed to be at the launch of a new book called "Holy Ghost", a memoir about an unbelieving Catholic boy living in a haunted house. I'd heard about this book before, so I took that as a sign and that was my first download. I'll let you know how it is, but I do love me a good, Gothic ghost story. HEEEAATHCLIFF!!!

I'm ready to write today. I started a new story in first person. I have to check with my editor, but I'm just better in first. Must be that heavy dose of narcissism. You think?

This picture is kind of random, but here's my favorite publicist Jeanne Wynn and her husband Tyson with award-winning author (twice over this weekend!) Jenny B. Jones.


I lost my cute, travel straightener in Indy. It was expensive! I am currently a good advertisement for the Bad Hair Day book. Sigh. Last kid just left. The time has come to pray and work baby!