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Going International...

This week, I got my first letter from Taiwan. Now, if you've read the Ashley Stockingdale books, she's not very kind to the country of Taiwan, but I got the sweetest letter anyway. But this week I've gotten a letter in German (that I translated myself and wrote back with a German translation program.) Wouldn't you love to know if it says things like. You German. You like words. Nice. Nice. Me happy very.

(We have this restaurant in our neighborhood that hung out a banner that said, "Now serve Malaysian!") That STILL makes me laugh. Dang, I'm childish.

So Ashley has been translated into Indonesian (is that a language?), German, Polish, and Romanian so far. Most Christian books are translated into Dutch. In fact, everyone I know who has a book in another language has one in Dutch. But not me. No. And something is wrong with this picture. My son has two Netherlands' jerseys. We rooted for your boys in the World Cup. I personally toured your country BY MYSELF in a Volvo. And the tulip is my favorite flower. I have bragged about your butter for nearly two decades! Care to explain yourself?

And Nathalie, my beautiful Danish friend, think you ought to have a talk with your Denmark folks too, that's close enough for you to have words, no?

Maybe they're just all reading it in German. Regardless, I think it's sad that my books have a better lifestyle than me. Four kids are seriously cramping my lifestyle. You know how there are mothers who live to bake birthday cakes and string popcorn around the family Christmas tree? Yeah, I was over that about five years' ago. Do you know I've given 53 birthdays for kids in my parenting career?

They say if you want to create more joy in your life, to do something for others. Well, I'm sort of tapped out at the moment. I'm ready for an International escape. Rather than Eat, Pray, Love, I'm going to call it: Soak, Pamper, Peace. I'm selfish, what of it? Just because the other author puts "Pray" in the title, she's off the hook?