Indiana, here I come...

I am an author!

I'm in Indiana at the ACFW conference. It's odd to come here and people know my name, and what I do and it's very disorienting. You see, no one cares in Silicon Valley. I mean, no one. Our Christian section is pathetic at best, and so I forget that I'm a writer when I'm home. When I checked in, the gal got all excited because she was a journalism major and had read my books.

Then, I was approached today by a gal who wanted to tell me how much her husband enjoyed my books -- that it was like spying on the other side for him. I walk into the bookstore, and I don't have any books here. I am not doing the signing because I neglected to sign up, and I'm not going to the award ceremony because they changed the night, and I neglected to notice.

So it's time I started living consciously and remembering that I am a writer, even if it doesn't feel like it in California. The girls and I from the GirlsWriteOut blog have a HUGE suite, that is seriously bigger than my house and has more bathrooms.

I am overlooking Indianapolis -- which is flat, but does have a Nordstrom. So there's that. I look fat in last years' pics, so I wore skinny jeans to overcompensate, which I may or may not regret. Time will tell. The important thing is that we had fun taking the pics and it's our personalities coming through. The conference hasn't started yet, but I'm sort of ready for a nap. I am not a social bug, I'm always worried I will offend someone with some outlandish comment that goes by without a hitch in California.

So I'm off to bra shop with a friend (don't ask!) Happy Friday everyone!