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I Need a Hero!

Currently, I have a novella and young adult novel to write, but I'm stuck. I am trying to come up with a hero for my next women's fiction/romance and I cannot think of a good hero for this one, and it's totally stalling me.

So we talked athlete (my brainstormers and me) and honestly, I'm not into athletes. Never have been. In high school, I committed social suicide by not dating this football player who liked me, but whatever, he had the brains of a houseplant, and worse than that? He wore a gold chain. Blech!

Because I was reared on Mr. Darcy, I'm not sure I understand the makings of a great hero. To me, it's intellect. My secret crush is Charlie Rose, who is interviewing the CEO of Google today on his website -- a CEO who has the most horrendous tie I've ever seen. He must not be married. Or he's married to an engineer woman who doesn't notice things like that and let him out of the house.

Nope, just looked him up. Eric Schmidt is married and lives in Atherton (rich, rich, rich) so he probably got out without her seeing him in their giant mansion. Next time, dude, find the wife. Make a point of it. Having money doesn't give you the right to subject others to that tie.

So the girls think athlete, I think soccer. Hello David Beckham! But the girls told me that's not a "real" sport like football. Those guys run for 70 minutes! And no one in soccer was nicknamed Refrigerator. Just saying.

I'm trying to expand my horizons. To grow as a human, but I am stuck here. You can have a big bank account, I'll take the big IQ. What about you? Help me get inspired!