I can't knit, but I have other qualities...
I am an author!

Indiana, here I come...

Thursday, at an ungodly hour, I leave for Indianapolis for the ACFW Conference (American Christian Fiction Writers.) YAY!! The last time I was in Indy was February, and it was FREEZING and I made everyone go out in the blizzard conditions for a picture. LOL. But the purpose is always worth any kind of weather. I get to be with all my best friends, all of whom for some reason, live in middle states.

I read that women who take two vacations a year are happier. Really? They needed a study for that. Doesn't that fall under the DUH grant? "They" also say it's better to plan more little trips than one great big one a year because the anticipation for the trip is what gets people in good moods and excited about life.

So this year I've been to Disneyland, Cabo San Lucas, the live "Glee" in Universal Studios, Indiana, saw David Crowder in both Sacramento and Monterey. I would say, by now, I am downright giddy!

But Australia is calling, and I'm annoyed that Danny Zucco is flying Oprah's audience to my country. (Did anyone see Oprah yesterday? Man, that chick loves herself.) Oh I have to give a shout out to Nicole in Oz for the gorgeous earrings and scarf she sent for my birthday. How can someone I've never met in person know me so well??


So I'm packing my great, big zebra suitcase (so my gown fits) and I am off for my last planned trip of the year. My editors will be there. My publishers. And of course, my beloved friends: Colleen Coble, Diann Hunt, Denise Hunter and Cheryl Hodde. We're going to take new pictures and Amber Zimmerman (Diann's daughter) is going to take them. She's incredible! Life. Is. Good.

I just have to put one of Amber's photos here: