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Next Setting for a Book?

My son is enrolled in rock climbing. Here he is blindfolded at the top of the run. (Apparently, this teaches you something, but I'm not sure what -- since he sees fine.) So anyhoo, this is the same gym where I accidentally took the two-hour advanced Yoga class, where people were contorted like pretzels (actually Scorpions -- that's what the pose is called) and my little body was not feeling Zen at the end. Nor Namaste. Just pain.

Anyway, next week I've decided I am totally hanging out for the class. Why you ask? This place is GOLD! Gold I tell you! Here you have all this brilliant Silicon Valley sorts in their unnatural habitat (physical!) These were not your high school football jocks, or your Saturday afternoon AYSO crowd, these were your AV teams, your captains of Future Business Leaders of America -- and they are currently suited up in Yoga pants and hanging from ropes with someone below "spotting" them. This is comedic gold, people!

So next week? I will suit up under cover in my yoga pants (making sure not to let the guy who tortured me for two hours see me!) and I will be taking notes baby! This is better than my stalkee at the running trails. I can literally sit there, watch over my son and perhaps overhear a captain of industry conversation or two. The only trouble is I won't get to drink an espresso while I research.