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ACFW Conference Highlights (Continued...)

Sometimes, I think I leave California only for the sheer pleasure of returning. My writers' conference was filled with the usual. Aspiring authors, anxious to learn. Old dogs needing some new tricks and anxious to learn and the usual know-it-alls preening for agents and editors trying to impress, stepping in front of others, and annoying the likes of decent folk who play by the rules. (And I have to confess here I did interrupt lunch with an aspiring author to freak over my cover and she was VERY nice about it. Sorry!)

Didn't get enough time with friends. In fact, barely at all! We had a short brainstorming session this morning, but I had to miss the end of Michael Hague (bought the DVD) who teaches screenwriting without STAR WARS! I finally get it. The reason I didn't get plot points is not because I don't know the plot points in Star Wars, I don't see why they're important because I don't care if the Death Star gets annihilated. It is clear to me now. Thanks to Michael Hague and The Titanic and Shrek.

Anyhoo, Colleen Coble got us a suite that was bigger than my house -- with four bathrooms! And still we didn't get any time together. We all had just a few things to do, but they all overlapped. Here we are signing a contract for our new Novella Collection with Thomas Nelson: Smitten about a town with a heart for romance and four women desperate to save it.


More tomorrow, when I'm actually awake and back on California time.