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Why Thursdays are the New Mondays (Proof!)

The Glee "Britney Spears" Tribute:


I have to admit, I missed the whole "Britney" phenom. I was busy picking up Thomas the Train engines off the floor, and trying to keep those suggestive videos out of my children's view. So I admit, I'm really only familiar with the "Oops I did It Again" song. But Britney is my favorite Glee character. Seeing her live just cemented it for me. Heather Morris is SOOO talented. And let me just say, as dirty as that video with her in the sequined catsuit may have been? She rocked it!

That girl can dance! Rachel in her slutty schoolgirl outfit seemed forced and kind of sad. The Matthew Morrison scene, while the song was good and he's my favorite singer on the show -- not so much with him in the gay Broadway outfit.

Whenever they do these tributes (Madonna), it's story that pays. And as a writer, that annoys me. Their copies of the music isn't enough. We need character. We need story. I did love Britney S. Pearce's story though, and the dentist. Since everyone hates dentists -- even if they looked like that. Which, yeah, they don't. Unless maybe they're giving you too much laughing gas.

Okay, Sandie if you're out there, I know you are a big John Stamos fan -- but time has not been all that good to our friend. And if you're an Aussie and inclined to yell at me for not having seen this yet, may I just say, does it really matter? Just pretend that it's "Top Model" and you THINK you know who won, but live TV and models reading winners don't go together.