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Why Moms are Necessary


Do you remember when poor Rachel had to go to Lady Gaga day with stuffed animals stapled to her dress? This morning, my son, a sophomore is heading out the door with his sister's Renaissance Princess gown from last year's Halloween.

"What are you doing with that?"
"Dad made it look like a cape."
"It still looks like a dress. What are you doing with it?"
"I have to read my report on Louis the Fourteenth."
"In that getup?"
"You weren't home!"
Great. Now I have guilt.

Listen, I thought it was bad when their father tried to get them to wear a Poncho to high school because it was raining. My exact words, "Did you ever actually GO to high school?"

But this. I hope my son is like me and is missing the embarrassment gene. It will make his life easier.