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Let's Talk about Halloween...

I have a complaint about Christians and Halloween. I don't care if you "celebrate" it or not, though I do think many who don't are VERY judgmental about those of us who do. It's a child's favorite holiday after Christmas. They get to leave life behind and imagine themselves as something else. My main complaint is when Christians want to leave imagination aside. But God gave us our imaginations. Great art was inspired by that kind of imagination.

I have a theory that those without a lot of imagination never have much patience for those who "live in a dream world." I live in a very secular place, and personally, I find sitting out Halloween a bit cruel for a child. They don't understand it. They just want to be a princess, or Luke Skywalker...they don't want to worship evil.
Halloween in simpler times:

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One of the standard arguments is that if we understood the origins of the holiday...well, if that argument is to hold up, if we knew the pagan origins of the white wedding dress, we'd go red like the Indians do. My church does "Fallapalooza", which is a Fall festival carnival, and it's a great time. My boys worked the booths, and this weekend they will do the same for the event in a less-fortunate neighborhood. However, I don't want to be the house that's dark on Halloween. I want the opportunity to interact with my neighbors and see all the kids. That's my choice, I understand if you feel differently.

Fear drums up the same response as feeling "happy", so it makes sense that people love their horror movies, love to be scared and turn to haunted houses for that extra spark on this holiday. (On one of my weird brain sidenotes: adrenaline and norepinephrine cause that "fight or flight" response that was supposed to be turned on for three minutes to save our lives. Now in a culture where we're constantly enduring that stress response, it ups the ante for a little excitement. Before you get too judgmental of people who enjoy being scared, it's a biological response -- the same reason you'd go on a roller coaster.)

Mostly, I just don't get why it divides the Christian community. (Does it do that in other countries? Alcohol doesn't do that to Christians in other countries.) I think whenever there's a divisive issue like that in church, it's rooted in pride. In worrying about someone else's response, and this need to believe we are in the right. That's a question between you and God, not for approval from others. I choose to be what I consider a "good neighbor" that night. You may choose to be a good Christian by shutting yourself off from the darkness that night -- and I get it. I respect it. As a discerner, I feel it. I am not implying it isn't dark. I'm only saying I know Who triumphs and I don't want to give fear anymore power than it already has.


So...if a tree falls in the forest...if a ghost truffle elicits oral fireworks, does it work off more calories or less?? Just a thought to leave you with -- Happy Halloween...or not. Your choice.