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Elizabeth Taylor...again

Last night, I read my "People" magazine on Elizabeth Taylor's life. A woefully-incomplete look, but apparently, they're going to have a whole magazine dedicated to her life -- and yeah, I'm a sucker, I'll buy it.


I loved Elizabeth because she just oozed with passion and wow, did that cost her a lot in life, but it also made for a really amazing example of what a life without fear looks like. And I know, she did have her issues and they came up at any given point in her life -- with men, rules, drink, and weight. But there again, there's so much we can learn from a life like hers. She died quietly with her children at her side. Did you ever really hear much about her children? I admire that so much about her, that she kept them from the public eye.


I loved her soft-spoken way of speaking and that she took responsibility for her mistakes and could laugh at them. I loved that she had a crush on gay Montgomery Clift, and was faced with forbidden love -- even looking like her! It shows the human spirit. How we always reach for more.


Mostly, I love her for her obsessive love with Richard Burton. She loved him until the end and said she wouldn't release his last love letter until her death. In the end, she was buried with it. I find that so incredibly romantic. That even though they couldn't be together in life -- too much furious passion and self-issues to make it reasonable -- that she never stopped loving him.

I noticed looking at the photos in the magazine that there was not one bad feature on Elizabeth. You know how so many have one feature that sets them apart? Elizabeth had everything. She had the rarest of eyes, a perfect profile & nose, full heart-shaped lips and lovely cheekbones. But I truly believe what captured us about Elizabeth is that she lived her entire life in front of the camera and she survived it. She, above all else, was a survivor.


There was a visual of her described in the magazine. She's going to the movies later in life and she's wearing jeans, an Ed Hardy hat and her 33 carat diamond. I think she was a very loving woman who was unselfish with her passion (look at her work with AIDS when no one would discuss it!) and I think we lost the last of the greats.