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Nautical Fetish

I was looking through the family photo albums, and it's clear: I have a nautical clothing fetish. Every one of my kids is dressed like a sailor at some point, and here's the really devastating part: THE PLETHORA of lovely pregnancy gear I wore in nautical. Nothing like a porky sailor to make one say, "Ahoy!"

Today, I wore a nautical necklace and shirt I have and it reminded me that Seth told me I should buy the necklace. I'm not a jewelry person, but he said, "Mom, you LOVE sailor stuff. You should get it." So I did. And he was right. I never regretted it.


My favorite dress ever was a wool, fitted navy Laundry by Shelli Segal dress. Dang, I loved that dress, but I can't find a picture of it anywhere. Oh sure, I'm covered in stripes when I'm nine months pregnant, but where are the pictures in that dress? DH bought it for me before we got married. Probably one of the reasons I said, YES!

Anyway, I also noted that my kids dressed a LOT better when I dressed them. It's kind of painful letting that go. But I need some new clothes, and I'm going with Nautical. You can't go wrong there. Unless you're pregnant and the stripes are going the wrong way.