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Ever had a perfect day? I did. The stars all aligned and the sun is out and my kids all met their goals today with no sleep. I worked. I shopped for groceries (but I did go to Whole Foods, so I kind of cheated and spent more money than usual -- but another PERFECT batch of well-pict strawberries!)

I talked to my friend Nancy and we planned my escape next month to Florida. I talked to my neighbors and gave away a fish tank -- down to two! Dropped my kids at soccer in my old neighborhood, and did NOT feel that ache. My "People" magazine came with Elizabeth Taylor on the front, and I get to read it in the bathtub tonight. The perfect ending to a perfect day.

Sometimes the stars align. Or maybe it's my new work chair...not sure, but I don't care. It was a perfect day. And now, to pass it on because I'm just that kind of girl.


Royal Wedding?

I had to look up when the Royal Wedding is to do this blog. (It's at the end of April if anyone cares.) I couldn't care less, myself. It's just too much a day late and a dollar short for my concern. She was dubbed "Waity Katie" for a reason. There's something so horribly unromantic about a guy (prince or otherwise) who doesn't love someone enough to make a commitment. Hard to think of him as any kind of hero when he's nearly as bald as his father before he made his move.

Also, while I did get up early to watch the wedding of Princess Diana and Charles, we all know how that turned out and it annoys me that William is using that ring. Not a good omen in my humble opinion.

I think they've been living together too, for a long time now. Yes? No? Anyone? Clearly they have everything they need for a household, but to pretend this is a royal event seems ludicrous at best. Mostly because I think she's getting the raw end of the deal. I suppose we can't help who we fall in love with, but I sure pity the people that have to marry into that cold line of blood and procreate.


P.S. Kate is getting too skinny. What is up with brides getting too skinny for their weddings? No man likes a stick. That's a woman thing. Eat a burger!

Italian Mother no More!

I am through enabling! From here on out, there is a NEW sheriff in town. Oh incidentally, I'm very proud of this. I went to find an image for Italian mother, and you know what? "A Billion Reasons Why" was on the image finder. LOVE IT!

But back to my horror story. Last night, after a weekend working because DH has been in London for work, I came home to hubby's version of parenting. Granted, he's a man, but I have babied this man and I've turned him into an Italian man, and that is NOT a compliment. I've met my father! Dh is GERMAN, but I'm here to tell you, with enough babying, ANY man can be Italian! But worse yet, I asked my son last night, "If you could have any wife, what kind of wife would you have?"

To my horror, he said, "Grandma." Grandma, as in she waits on you hand and foot while you sit on your A**, Grandma?"

His answer: Yes. AHHHHH!!!!

Oh no. Oh no, no, no. We're not having it. I'm done with enabling -- I have created several monsters. I have, in fact, turned into an Italian mother!!!

So here's the scenario: I come home at 9 p.m. My daughter is gone to a friend's for dinner. The boys are sitting at the table playing "Risk" -- by boys, I mean DH too. And get this, they haven't had dinner yet! The dishes are filled to the brim in the sink. There's garbage, recycling to be taken out and naturally, the new family member: the hamster. I can't work in chaos, which is why coming home to it, after going away to work, about makes me nuts.

Photo on 2011-03-28 at 08.23

DH makes dinner at ten p.m. for the kids. ON A SCHOOL NIGHT! Because let's face it, I scare him. And yes, leaves me the dishes. The boys are up until 1 a.m. finishing a high school project, and I get awoken at 2 a.m. by the dog barking at the hamster. (She has tried to get on top of the desk to get to the said rodent.)

I had to wake up at six to get the kids off, and I had an epiphany. The boys may have not been fully awake to hear it, but there is a NEW sheriff in town. And she is NOT Italian. She is GERMAN, baby. I am pulling out my inner Bechtel and leaving that Calabrese behind! There will be NO television, there will be NO Lego's, there will be no ANYTHING remotely looking like fun until these kids learn to a. do laundry. b. understand what the dishwasher does and c. clean up after themselves. As an added bonus, I'm going to teach them to make gravy!

I am a working mother! I am not a maid and unlike Italian tradition, I don't think it's cute that boys live with me until they get married. Nor do I want to suffer my daughter-in-laws' wrath when they endure what I've created. I have become a STEREOTYPE!!

Any advice on whipping these boys into shape is welcome. Being Italian, I do remember there are SEVERAL uses for the wooden spoon. Just sayin...

#Rebecca Black is Darling -- Haters go home!

What is wrong with people that they're attacking a middle schooler who made a video? People suck! She's 13 years' old and I cannot imagine how 59 million people out there could all be so taken with something and then be so nasty. Listen, it's got something, or you all wouldn't have watched it. But this is SOOO huge on the bullying scale, and I'm so glad the girl has her head on straight. Because she's darling, and I hope all the haters made her the most popular girl in school.

Junior high is vicious, but when I think what the world has done -- turned themselves into the worst kind of Jr. High school, it makes me vomit a little.


I give props to her parents because she's got her head screwed on straight to take that kind of ribbing and keep on going. I know! She is totally set up to be a writer! You go girl!

Houston, we have a...rodent

I went away this weekend to write. I came home to a complete disaster of a house, my desk covered with crap and...wait for it...a hamster.

Photo on 2011-03-27 at 21.02 #2

Apparently, the hamster has the family problem. (A booty) And he got stuck in his little Habitrail. How traumatic is that? But you know, it's really pretty cute. For a rodent. But clearly, someone has some splainin' to do.

For $75 Million can he control the weather?

A Los Altos Hills' Mansion has been purchased for $75 million dollars. LAH is one of Silicon Valley's high-end cities, but I'll tell you, it wouldn't be my choice if I had that kind of money because it's too far away from services and grocery stores, etc. Though I imagine if you have seventy-five million, you probably don't have to perform any of your own services.

The house is 25,000 square feet, complete with its own car wash -- one of the said services he won't be needing. The buyer is apparently Russian and I would hope, young. Because with 25,000 square feet, if you lose a family member, you'd better have a memory strong enough to remember who lives with you.


I have a former neighbor who built a 10,000 square foot house in Los Altos Hills and I thought THAT was big! But seriously, what do you do with all that space? Personally, I'd build my own Starbucks with 24-hour baristas (who look like Colin Firth, naturally. Dressed in Mr. Darcy glory and at my service.) But I'd want my Starbucks to be public, so I could offer free wifi and have a steady flow of company. Plus, I think it would really annoy my high-end neighbors and that would be fun.


I'm so blue-collar by nature, I wonder what the draw is to a giant house. More to clean, and I don't care who you hire, no one cleans it like you do. I have to wonder if the people who live inside that size home don't like each other very much. I'd settle for separate bathrooms, but a separate wing might be good once in a while. However, I like my family. And that's good because I live in a hovel. Which is why I'm here writing at Starbucks -- oh and sidenote: Joy, if your latte is cold, it's because Ray had to know where in Kansas I was going to speak. Not my fault!

What good are regrets?

I was reading another story today about Wallis Simpson and the Queen Mother, and I'm fascinated by the article and the frostiness between Wallis and the Queen Mother. I can understand them not being friends, but what I can't understand is any blame that the Queen would have had about Edward's abdicating the throne.

She was actually quoted of saying this later in life: 'The two people who have caused me the most trouble in my life are Wallis Simpson and Hitler.'

(Read more:

The abdication was clearly something that had to happen for the world to conquer Hitler. Edward even had an ill-timed visit to Hitler in 1937, against Churchill's advice. In other words, I don't think Edward was an exceptionally bright or discerning man. I realize the King was not in charge of the government, but he led his nation in other ways -- and let's face it, was probably an idiot.

England, the Allies, they needed King George VI. Doesn't that help to see in other people when we look back and ask why? That our lives are not thwarted by others necessarily, but by the way life was meant to be, the lessons we were meant to learn. Certainly, we can change our own bad situations, but there are some circumstances we were created for. I can understand the Queen Mother's anger at that point in life, but looking back on those years and having regrets, seems ridiculous. Her husband was called for a greater purpose.

I did have a friend ask me what was up with all the Colin Firth pictures on my blog. So in honor of you...I say, because quite frankly, it's my blog and I can. : )



I can't take weather!!! I am seriously ready to blow a gasket. No more rain!! I realize if I lived in the Pacific Northwest, it would be worse, but I don't. I live in Silicon Valley, where I pay the weather tax! A dumpy townhouse is $800k here. That's the weather tax. I'm not greedy. I'm not asking for Hawaii's tropical perfection. I'm only asking that I get the sunshine that I pay for.

Starbucks is crowded when it's raining. That's even more depressing. I planned to work here today, but yeah, not going to happen. Am I passing off my Eeyore cloud to you? I'm going to go see Jane Eyre today, maybe that will help. But probably not, because that's kind of depressing too. Maybe I should go see "Paul." Anybody seen it? I think a good, stupid alien movie might do the trick. Of course, I'm behind on my manuscript and there's the whole responsibility thing vs. playing.


There's an old Bernie Mac, where he has to write a bit for "The Tonight Show" and it consists of him making himself a sandwich, watching a movie, etc. Of course, anyone seeing this is ragging on him to just write it. But he can't, and I totally get it! He needs to be in the mood. And the rain is making my mood go into serious dips. And now my battery is going dead. If you've got any uplifting tips, my manuscript is in need of it. This is a young adult novel. I don't want to make anyone slit their wrists, you know?

Making Passion Work for You!

One of the things I love about "More" Magazine and "O" magazine is seeing how people have taken a passion and turned it into a thriving business. Where there is passion, there are others with passion and a business to be created. Case in point. Legos. As you know, Legos are big business. Apparently, adults don't always grow out of this phase, and that means there are collectors who want more than Lego has to offer.


Remember I said that Legos doesn't actually make "war" toys? Well, other people do, so no worries. You can make your Legos as violent as you choose. The African front is coming along, but my son needed German helmets for the true effect. "Mom, I can't have American helmets on German soldiers!"

Of course you can't. And I can't wear white after Labor Day. So the order is in -- and the African front awaits its German helmets.


Isn't that a great business if you were into Legos? I love it when people make passion work for them. They never work a day in their life. This guy made his own molds and caters to Lego collectors of all ages. That's a great day's work, don't you think?

A Thrill to the Senses

I don't know if this is why I'm a writer, but I have really strong senses. My kids will never get away with drinking or pot, or smoking anything because I can smell things a mile away.

Considering how much I read, my eyesight is still great. Maybe my sense of taste isn't so great because I like it as spicy as possible. But if I had to list my favorite sense, it's by far, my hearing. I LOVE music and I can think of very few things that make me as happy as music and sweet, gentle words -- or even humorous words.

I fear losing my hearing over any other sense. Since I've been blind before temporarily, and I can still type, I could do that quicker than lose my sense of hearing. There are very few things that go straight to my heart and make me happy like music. A pure voice is like magic to my senses. That's why I love to see David Crowder and Matt Nathanson live. Their voices are incredible and you can feel the vibration of the passion in their tone. It makes me giddy just to think about.

Incidentally, Matt finally came out with a mini-album of his live songs.


Music can change my mood instantly (along with sunshine!) So tell me, what is your favorite sense? Are you a foodie? Do you love a scented candle? Do you love the touch of sunshine on your skin? What's your deal? Typepad wouldn't let me post for a day. I've been so quiet! The peace scares me. LOL