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How Hyper-focusing Works in ADD

The African Lego

Well, I have to say, the picture doesn't do it justice. You can't really see the guy blowing up, or the epaulets on the general's shoulder, but the grand masterpiece is done. The African Front is complete.


Since history (something my son is a WHIZ in) is combined with literature, he had to write a paper as well, and he was all excited because he found a piece from 1946 written by an English commander.

Trey is a genius in history. He has a photographic memory and he remembers every painstaking detail, ad nauseam, about everything. His paternal grandfather, the surgeon, has the same gift. Let's just say it doesn't always make for stimulating conversation, but it is great to have a walking encyclopedia around when you need to know who invented the steam engine.

However, I think it's unfair to have lit and history be the same class. It would have brought my lit grade down, since studying history depresses me. It's harming his history grade as facts are facts, why should HOW you say it matter?? Lit is SOOO STUPID. Who needs it anyway? (Slapping head madly!)

He'll be in advanced history next year, thank goodness for both of us!