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The Heart Always Wins

Colleen Coble sent me a book called "The Healing Code" -- it's basically a Christian version of energy healing work. I've done a lot of energy/meridian stuff with my ms and I've always just prayed to the right God throughout it. Now, it seems, if I'd written that down, I could have gotten rich. LOL

But one of the things it says in the book that I think is brilliant -- is that in a competition between the head and the heart, the heart always wins. What does that mean? It means that you can live by your head and do the right things according to the head, but if in your heart, you don't believe it, your body will take on sickness. Your body can't lie to you. It tells you the truth, and symptoms are a way of checking oneself.

Look to "Hoarders" to see this in play. People will fight to keep their sickness, their "normal" -- but the lie they're living comes out somewhere. I think the deeper the sickness get, the more obvious the lie. Like when people on "Hoarders" claim they NEED a piece of paper that the cat peed on.

With our Christian culture being so "outward" focused -- meaning we're living to be seen as good by others -- I do wonder if that takes a toll on health. To live your truth, you have to be strong enough to withstand criticism. Think about it in these terms: you're at a job you HATE, but you cannot quit. There are no other job. You'll be destitute. Your family will starve! So you go to work everyday because you can't quit. Your body will feel that lie and you'll take on the stress of what you HAVE to do when it's really sucking out your lifeblood.

In one of my healing books, it talks about how some are duck and some are sponges. The duck -- everything rolls off their back and they think what is wrong with that sponge that they get weighted down with emotions! The sponge thinks what a heartless creature that duck is with no emotions or empathy whatsoever. I'm a sponge. (Big surprise, right?) And my surroundings have a huge impact on my well-being and I really, really hate this house. I can tell myself that I'm lucky to have it. I can tell myself to be more grateful and I can decorate it to avoid looking at its bad bones and feeling its darkness.


But my body knows the truth. My body recoils at the idea of coming home, and I feel it. I can't help that, but it's true, the heart wins. My brain knows how I SHOULD feel, but my heart rejects that! I want to get out of here! (And I have to mention, it's the house, not the area. Because I had my choice of three houses when I got married, and I chose the one in the Ghetto because it was the only house of his that had decent bones. I loved that house.) So it's not a money thing.

Doing the right thing without your heart behind it can seem empty. I think that's why I can't stand to listen to Dr. Laura. Yes, we can all do the right thing, but if that right thing has no regard for who you are, it's going to take a toll. I don't want everyone living their lives like robots to be "approved" by me. There's a spiritual part to our being that was created by God for a reason. Have you ever done the "right" thing and paid mightily in some way?