Couple Alert!

The Heartbreak Diet Works!

Patti Stanger, aka The Millionaire Matchmaker, has lost a lot of weight after her breakup. I hate the stress diet, but I'm most happy about her beautiful new silhouette. However, PLEASE> PLEASE put her on Rachel Zoe's program and help her dress for her age. She is beautiful. She looks so much younger than she is, but there are things that need to go by the wayside no matter how slim you are. I would say even at sixteen one should leave the leopard-print pencil skirt off of one's wardrobe...but that's me.

I did tell my three teenage boys that I'd take them to ComicCon if I could wear the Princess Leia gold bikini. LOL But exactly, right? My boys know that mom is WELL past the age for the Princess Leia gold bikini. Not to mention that would just be weird.

They told me I could wear a red Star Trek outfit (people in red always die -- it's an insider joke, I don't get.)

Patti's always talking about "getting a man" but that outfit screams "GO AWAY! I'm having a crisis!"


Seriously though, if I ever get dragged to ComicCon, I am SOOO wearing a costume!