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The New iMac is Supposedly Worth Waiting for...

Come May, there's a new iMac out. I've never been a fan of writing on the laptop, though I can and do write on my Mac Air. It's the first laptop I've ever actually used.

Now I hear there's a new iMac coming out in May and I think I'm ready. Mine is starting to move just a tad slower, and I'm ready for an update. I have to say though, after five years, I still love my iMac. But I think I'm ready for an upgrade. This way, my kids can take the old one and leave me alone when I'm working. I do owe them though. I couldn't use anything remotely outside of the norm without their help. Why is that? Why do kids just get it?


Here's more on why it should be worth the wait. And thanks to Robin Lee Hatcher who stopped me just in time: