Elizabeth Taylor...again

This Young Adult Book is NOT Happening!

This third YA and I are having the perfect conflict, in that I never actually get the work on it, and the more I try to (ie., carve out special times for straight writing) the more my life goes terribly Ashley Stockingdale (ie., WRONG!)

I know I've been nagging on the DH, but look at it this way. He doesn't read my blog, and I save myself the hassle of actually nagging him. But this morning, he took the morning kids' routine so that I could write. Lesson learned: One will NEVER save time this way. Men, God bless them, are men. And they simply don't do things the way that women do.

At 8:30, I get a phone call. "There's some things you need to know about the day."
Uh oh. "Yes?"
"First off, the hamster is loose in the house somewhere." (We have a terrier.)
"Where's Fiona?" (the dog)
"Well, she's in the house."
See, I totally didn't even ask why didn't you put the dog out? That would be plain to you and me, but a man in charge of the morning routine, is not you and me. Hence, my passive aggressive blog.

I pause for a deep breath. "And?"
"The boys don't have any lunch money."

Okay, that's reasonable. I mean, everyone makes mistakes. The boys can borrow until tomorrow. No biggie.

"So what do I do if the dog finds the hamster first?" I ask.
"We'll get another one."
OH. MY. GOODNESS. He did not just say that. First off, let's go thru this scenario. I get to find said rodent carcass and dispose of it. Plus, I liked my little guy and I don't want to find him as a carcass. He's a rescue hamster and three years old, so I'm hoping he's learned a thing or two.
"Elle doesn't want another one. We have to find THAT one."
"Well, I have to go to work, so you can hunt for it. It's probably asleep somewhere and won't wake up until later. They're nocturnal."
Thank you, Marlin Perkins. "It's nocturnal, unless the dog finds it."
"Right. That would wake it up. I gotta run to a meeting."

Gosh. The warmth. He's like a Hallmark card, right? So I'm home hamster-hunting.
Which is bad enough, but on Thursday I scheduled my last radio interview for "A Billion Reasons Why" -- in Toledo, Ohio at 12:15 p.m. I was going to take myself out to lunch to celebrate. The publicity knot had totally come undone in my stomach. While at Starbucks this morning, I get an email this morning that all that publicity stuff is starting up for the second young adult novel, and my stomach tightens all over again.

Maybe I need this angst in my life to make the YA's work. Ya think? But if anyone has any hamster-hunting tips, I am totally open to them. Look how cute he is.

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