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Kim Kardashian Divorcing

Us is reporting that Kim is filing for divorce. Yep, already. There's ten million that could have rescued a small country rather than going for a "day" -- wow, that's disturbing, right?

So we heard that on the radio (kids are off today) and Elle goes, "Why is she filing for divorce already? She just got married."

"I guess she thinks she made a mistake."
"Well, of course, he's a hunk of dumb."

LOL Is she my daughter or what? Seriously, that whole thing had to be a set-up for ratings and attention, don't you think?

I'm packing for Texas as we speak and flying near Area 51. I'll let you know if I see any UFOs. If you don't hear from me, you'll know I was abducted.


What job would give you hives?

As I was watching Kevin Spacey act, and just how incredible he was and the connection between him and the other actors, I thought. I cannot think of a job I would hate more than being an actor. Seriously, there is NOTHING appealing to me about the stage, and I love the arts, but the idea of getting UP there makes me want to hurl.

It's not that I'm afraid of the audience either. (Speaking in front of 250 on Tuesday.) I just don't want to think about memorizing words and becoming a character. Seriously, when I'm done with a book, I leave the character behind and I'll have my lines quoted back to me and not know that I wrote them. So I can't imagine doing this for a living.

Shakespeare would be daunting. Not that most of the audience would know if you screwed up, but can you imagine if you screwed up the next actor because YOU screwed up? That's pressure.

Beth and I said we'd rather be astronauts. What job would you hate more than any other? Besides, the obvious of cleaning outhouses and the like?


Kevin Spacey, Yes!! Shakespeare...No...

I'm not a Shakespeare fan. I know, that's blasphemy from a writer, but Shakespeare's words and his use of dialogue are incredible. He's spot-on with human nature, but dang, does he need an editor. His plays go on FOREVER. Once I saw Othello with this saxophone screaming its point at the end of a scene, and I wanted to slit my wrists at the end. Richard III made use of the drums, which thankfully, are not nearly as annoying.


Today, after 3.5 hours of Shakespeare not including an intermission, I was seriously ready to take the sword to Richard III myself to go to dinner. I was freaking HUNGRY and Beth even brought me snacks of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. (Love a friend like that who knows I'm going to complain about being hungry, but didn't think ahead.)

So Kevin Spacey was REMARKABLE!! I mean, the whole cast was incredible. The production was funny and entertaining, but really too long for my tastes. Richard the Third was a narcissist who killed a lot of people to get the crown. I don't really need three hours of that kind of evil to get it. I'm a smart girl. Maybe not Shakespeare-smart, but I get it. Richard's a tool. He killed whomever was in his way to get the crown. Nuff said.


But seriously, the man who took the crown from him?? Richmond. Okay, he should have been on the stage a LOT earlier because he was seriously the most gorgeous human I've ever set eyes on. Dang, he should be cast in marble. And I don't know where they got this guy (Nathan Darrow) but seriously, he can talk too? Because he really doesn't need to talk. He is enough to gaze upon.

Back to Kevin Spacey. Oh my gosh, we were in the third row, and the expressions and acting in this man's face. He BECOMES the King and his death scene. Oh my goodness, took my breath away. I thought he was good in "American Beauty" but this was like watching an artist at the peak of their craft. Truly breathtaking!

I will see him in anything Kevin Spacey comes around in again just to watch him at work. He has this incredible star quality.

Afterwards, I had lobster and scallops, followed by Tiramisu and Cappuccino, so I may just say I LIKE this good life and am very used to it now. I was born for this! Not to mention, another gorgeous day in the City!


My First Stay in a Lighthouse!

I can't believe I've lived near the coast my whole life and have never stayed, or even BEEN in a lighthouse! That all changes soon. My boss is taking me on a retreat in this LIGHTHOUSE! So DH and I are tag-teaming, the minute I get in from Texas, he leaves for Korea, and then I go to the lighthouse.


We're going to do nightly beach walks with the group, morning yoga (love me some yoga!) and work on business goals in the afternoon. I missed corporate life. LOL

I'm off to San Francisco right now to see Kevin Spacey in a play. I'm telling you, leaving this writing thing behind has its benefits right now. I have to add this picture of my upcoming stay. This ROCKS!

Unnamed (1)

Movies you can't take more than once?

Nicole asked me if there were movies that I loved, but couldn’t handle more than once because of the deep emotional investment. I have to say, there are few. I love that deep emotional involvement, and the deeper, the better. LOVE Sleeping with the Enemy – I can watch that again and again. I love how a straightened towel is frightening. LOVED Shutter Island. Saw it threw times. That was freaky and deeply emotional.

Here’s Nic’s list with my commentary (did you think I’d let that go? Without an opinion? As if!) Dead Poet's Society; (Can’t remember it, so therefore, no need to see it again.) Patch Adams – I’m not a Robin Williams’ fan, but I can’t remember this one either. Other than he had a clown nose, and clowns scare me); Michael Collins (Never saw it, is it violent?); The Sixth Sense (Loved it, saw it many times.) and Titantic (Hated it. Too unrealistic, and my only feeling in the movie was WHY when the ship is going down does this idiot need to chase people with a gun. Survival instinct would have kicked in, no?)

However, my thing is violence. I can’t take the violence or the evil of mankind, which rules out all Holocaust movies. So here are movies I loved, but can’t see again:
Cinderella Man
The Fighter
Sophie’s Choice (UGH!)
What about you? What emotional depths have you plunged in movies and can’t go there again?

Ways the Enemy Attacks the Writer

Allen Arnold, my publisher wrote two ways the Enemy attacks Christian writers. Here's the post:

I'd like to add to that list, since I've seen it all in my 15 plus years as an author. I'm not going to write a thing unless I've seen it MORE than once.

1. Serious Illness (Cancer many times over.)
2. Extreme Pain from sitting to write.
3. Illness in a Child or loved one.
4. Death of a loved one.
5. Death of a child.
6. Abusive Marriages
7. Dark Depression
8. Job Losses & Poverty so they can't afford to write.
9. Lack of Family Support
10. Envy of a Spouse
11. Addictions of a loved one.

Those are off the top of my head, but there's a reason authors can take you to the dark places, and sadly, it's not their imaginations. I wish it were. I've watched a lot of pain through the years and it's not fun. Nor is it fair.

An author opens their heart, bleeds on the page, and even that, costs something. But I've seen a lot worse in my years, and it does seem to be worse in authors. Now that I'm working in insurance, I see how easy people have it who go to work in an office and come home at the end of the day. That's my version of the truth. You may have your own, but I haven't seen a lot of authors believe their own hype or struggle with humility. I have seen a lot of them struggle to keep on walking the path set before them.

I need to add that authors don't have the luxury of health insurance and steady paychecks, which can make all the above problems that much more difficult. There is no safety net in writing, and that makes it a dangerous profession. Not one you do unless you're called to it in my humble opinion. There are a lot easier ways to make a buck.


Great First Lines...

I just bought this book, "Holy Ghost Girl" about a girl who grows up with a very dysfunctional family/cult. The family is tent revivalists, and their version of Christianity, is skewed to say the least, but I love this first line, what do you think?

"DONNA, I DON'T KNOW IF YOU'RE COMING TO THE FUNERAL, BUT I HEARD Daddy's gonna try to raise Randall from the dead. Call me."

I LOVE that! Can't wait to get into it. As soon as I finish "The Forgotten Garden" which is long, but I'm also lame with fiction. I tear through non-fiction. I don't know why that is as a fiction author. It's not one of my better qualities.

Hmmm. What are my better qualities these days? I should write them down. LOL


Angelina Jolie and I...

Apparently, I have something in common with her. The more feminine your facial features, the more likely you are to have a large brood. If you read the actual article, it's really based on the higher your estrogen levels are. Well, there you have it. We're as feminine as you can get with our large broods.


I thought it was the pedicures that defined us as women, but apparently not.

Who pays for these ridiculous studies? And even if it were true, so what? So you know that I want more children. You could really just ask me, couldn't you? And save your money? But I didn't want four kids, so maybe my face doomed me. Who knows? Dang you, button nose! I should have had a nose job!! Maybe if I had a real Italian nose, I wouldn't be having to figure out how to pay for college for four kids.

Anyway, file this in your garbage bin, where such studies belong. OOOh Nicole sent me Aussie movies today (she does not have a fear of the post office) so I am going to watch...with some Sour Skittles.

Scored the good stuff at work!

I was good, and yet still, Butterfinger fell into my world today. Making me a happy camper. FYI, I did NOT go to Starbucks this morning and contrary to popular belief, I did not implode. Like my wall of sparkly animals at work?

I'm going to start my novella today. I hope I can remember how to write! I'm also preparing my talk to Tuesday in Texas. That should be fun!