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Cheap Runs Deep #Extreme Cheapskates

Did anyone watch Extreme Cheapskates on TLC? I still can't get the images out of my head, and I didn't make it through half the show. There are limits to being cheap and I seriously have to wonder not only what's wrong with these cheap people that they don't think they're worthy of say, TOILET PAPER, but what is wrong with the people married to them, that they put up with it?

The image I cannot get out of my head is this guy rummaging through sofas and under pay phones for change, where he raised $7.50 to buy meat for dinner. Go with me here. You've got $7.50 what kind of meat do you buy?

If you're NORMAL, you buy ground beef and you can mix it with noodles or in sauce for a few days time. That's what you buy if you're normal. If you're THIS guy, you buy two goat heads complete with teeth and eyeballs and shove them in the oven and call it dinner. I literally cannot get the image out of my head. It's going to give me nightmares. And the guy's wife didn't eat it, so he had TWO full heads. And she laughs like it's cute. Um, in the mental ward, it's cute.

He could have also bought a steak and split it with his wife. He could have bought pork chops. He could have even had a pound and a half of Dungeness crab, but this guy buys GOAT heads, which look like prehistoric lizards smiling at you. That's where I turned it off. That was the most disturbing show. People, you are WORTH it. Buy yourself a decent meal. Eat, drink and be merry. No one can be merry eating a goat head. Well, he obviously can, but he's going to be eating alone. This kind of cheapness is a disease and I fail to see the quality of life anywhere near these people. Value yourself. Just a little bit.

Okay, and there was a mother who had her kids use CLOTH toilet paper to save money. Really? You think you're saving on toilet paper what you're not putting into laundry detergent and bleach? And what happens if you take your kids to friends' houses and they use the hand towel on their hiney? Explain that one.

This show was more unappetizing that Hoarders, and that's saying something!! Never again!

Here I am HIKING FOR FREE with all my kids. Oh, not really. It cost me pizza, but still...worth it. And I didn't make them forage for their dinner either. If your kids HAVE to do that, that is one thing, but if they don't, I don't think this teaches them anything but a scarcity mentality and look around you, the world is abundant!!