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Katy Perry & Russell Brand are over...

And though it comes as a surprise to no one, it's still sad. All that passion can quickly turn, can it not?

I feel for stars because their lives are so fantastical, how does one "settle down" after getting married in India in a psuedo-Hindi/Christian ceremony, traveling all over the world for fun and purchasing a million-dollar home?

Seriously, what's left? If you thrive on adrenaline, that is going to be a hard road to hoe. No pun intended. When you get used to fabulous highs, how does one deal with the mundane?

Not that this is an issue for me, but it's nice to think about. I liked the idea of Russell being redeemed by a loving Katy and her family, but yeah, that was probably wishful thinking. He sounds like a very selfish man who didn't want to be second fiddle, but as a bad comic with little acting talent to a woman who made $20 million just during their marriage, I'd say you shouldn't compete with someone at the top of their game anyway. Well, competing in marriage is never going to be good anyway, is it?


Anyway, I'm sad they're over. For her, because she learned love isn't enough. And for him, because I don't think he gets that marriage involves a bit of effort. Maybe I have it totally backwards, either way, their lives were not conducive to marriage, which requires sacrifice. MUTUAL sacrifice.