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Perfect Characters = No Plot

I was reading Twitter tonight and a pastor I truly respect wrote not to take the kids to see "The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked" As I said I respect this pastor, his work, his walk, but I take issue with the fact that characters have to be perfect. Perfect characters make for boring stories. Ask God. David wasn't exactly a saint. And Paul was kind of a jerk. The purpose of a story is to show character growth. Yes, even in Chipmunks. God doesn't give us perfect characters in the Bible that we can't identify with. Name your sin. It's in there!

Back to the Chipmunks. We know who Alvin is. I've known who that character was since I was a child. Do I want Alvin to be perfect? No, I want him to get into as much trouble as possible so Dave can show him how much he unconditionally loves the furball.


There was a great character arc in this Chipmunk movie. Alvin had to man-up. Yes, at first he gets into a lot of trouble, which the pastor calls lying, stealing, boozing and something else, I can't remember. But it's on a cruise ship. Reality is there is a lot of drinking that goes on with cruising. I contend that you can't teach your children about the world by sheltering them from it. The moral of Alvin's story is that he learns WHY it's not good to lie, cheat and steal. He puts everyone in jeopardy with his stupid actions. To me, that's a GOOD lesson. If Alvin was perfect, there would be no story.

Anyhoo, I did take the kids. And like me, they noticed none of these awful things. They enjoyed the story and the characters -- as they always do. As I always have -- since childhood.

Kids and humans can't learn from perfection. It's why God didn't just give us HIS story, He gave us the story of His flawed people. This is a hot button issue for me because it is so hard to tell a story with some of the parameters that Christians set-up for Christian writers. I would remind those Christians of this. You're not getting to heaven on your own. You're not perfect. David certainly wasn't, and yet he was a man after God's own heart.

I can only hope to hear that I'm a woman after God's own heart, but it won't be my perfection that lets me hear it. It will be because my heart was pure and honest in its seeking after God's will. He made Christians strong enough to withstand some terrible things in history. Your kids can handle a Chipmunks movie. Trust me on this one.

If not, there's this thing called parenting and you can have a conversation. They can handle that too.