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Shopping for Gargoyles

I have a thing for gargoyles. They're big in Thomas Hardy novels, and I just think they're cool, having been on great cathedrals and all.


Today, I drove my friend Stephon home, and he lives by this outdoor sculpture place, so we stopped and shopped. The gargoyles were kind of Chinese in nature and not all that endearing, so I said no to that. I needed some ahem, bigger jeans -- Stephon, God bless him, when he saw me, he goes, "What's with the junk in the trunk?"

He thought it was meds. I explained, "No I've just been eating."

He answered, "Good, I always thought you could use a biscuit or two."

Anyhoo, Stephon, Elle and me went shopping for gargoyles and fat jeans. A new pair of Joe's booty fit -- the extended version. LOL It was a good day, but having come home without gargoyles to both People and Us shouting DIET at me, I only bought one pair of fat jeans. They're temporary! And if you know where I can pick up some cute gargoyles for the yard, let me in on the secret.

Oh, and we saw "We Bought a Zoo" -- definitely WORTH seeing. Great flick!