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Vacation Treat! #RHOBH Dinner (Producer's Cut)

Since I've only been watching the Beverly Hills' housewives for one season, I have to say seeing the "Dinner Party from He##" episode from last year was pure candy-coated fun. Camille, who I now get to see in all her nasty glory, invited this crazy psychic. Oh my gosh, I totally want her to come to one of my parties just for pure entertainment value.

Every time she said, "Know THAT!" like she was the voice of God, while all the while Camille's husband Kelsey is playing around on her and the psychic doesn't seem to get that. But she knows Kyle's future and that her husband will never emotionally fulfill her. Bahaha Please. Have you SEEN her husband? We were ALL emotionally fulfilled watching him dance at the White party.


I will say that if you have to bring "back-up" to a dinner party (aka Faye Resnick) it's probably best to just send your apologies and stay home. Kim was definitely less crazy last season and I fell in love with Jiggy knowing the breeder wanted him put down.

I love how Adrienne just sat there next to the crazy psychic and tried to avoid getting involved in the drama. And I could finally appreciate Lisa's snarkiness when Allison Dubois (the psychic) went on about her show and Lisa whispered, "It's been canceled."

I'm going to give chain-vaporing Alison the benefit of the doubt and say the girl had to be drunk. Maybe one's psychic abilities are clouded by say, a gallon of fruit-flavored alcohol. Apparently, she blamed it all on editing, but I thought what she did AFTER the party was worse. The way she revved Camille up to believe she was such a victim.

Listen, when you've posed for Playboy, don't belittle your guest because she...wait for it...posed for Playboy. To most of us in the real world, there is no departure from one being tastefully done and the other not. It's not tasteful. It's tacky. And no, the rest of us are not jealous because we aren't asked. (Doesn't that always seem to be their next line of attack?)

Anyway, the dinner party was GOOD television! Now for the deleted scenes episode. I have to sneak off so my father doesn't tell me how morally-bankrupt I am for watching it. LOL