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My Love Letter to

I'm coming to you live from my laptop. The Mac Air that I just fixed myself thanks to -- I have an original Mac Air and it had an overheating issue from day one. Well, eventually the battery just blew up inside the computer and it, a. no longer worked and b. the battery wouldn't fit in the computer any longer.

At Fry's (where I bought the Mac Air eons ago and my other Macs, so they've gotten plenty of business out of me) but the young man told me about and how it had videos on how to open and fix any Mac Product.

Well, it worked. I was given an estimate to fix the computer for $650 (but a new Mac Air without the overheating problem and a new battery style) is $999 so that didn't seem worth it. Well, it wasn't. I bought a new battery for $99 and put it in myself thanks to the videos on site. How cool is that?

I'm just so happy to have my baby back, so I had to brag a little.


Peter Cook Admits he's a Narcissist, but it makes him a better father:

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This would be hilarious, if it weren't so sad. Peter admits, yes, he is a narcissist, but that it makes him a better father. The fact that he has to go on television and defend himself speaks to the narcissism. The blame, the rage, the victim mentality. Ugh. He then goes on to say he has a good relationship with his daughter. But he has two kids, so that's a 50% success rate. Which makes me feel good, that I'd only have to come out with two kids happy to be a success with this view!

Teens are hard. Divorce is hard, but the thing is Christie Brinkley didn't bring this all out in the open. His actions did, and that's the problem. A narcissist can never take responsibility for their actions. No one person is responsible for a divorce -- unless you're married to a narcissist. I honestly have not heard Christie talk about her divorce. I've heard Peter quite a few times. He has responsibility in the divorce. He's not a victim -- unless you listen to him speak.

Both people who come out of a divorce should try to figure out their role in the divorce and how to be a better person. That's hard to do when someone is trying to make you pay for humiliating them. Christie still doesn't seem healthy. I hope she gets out of this mess and stands strong.

More on Trayvon

This case gets me so riled, I can hardly stand it. I'm angry that the police say their investigation is over. Do you know they didn't contact the girlfriend who Trayvon was talking to when he encountered Zimmerman?

Do you know that the police released pics of Zimmerman after the incident and he looks just fine, quite frankly.

The police have not done their due diligence here and that makes me angry. Due diligence is that you talk to all the witnesses. The fact that Trayvon's parents had to do their OWN police work and get Trayvon's phone records makes me livid.

I don't know if Zimmerman is guilty. I'll tell you that I'm not impartial. I do believe he's guilty by the fact that he shouldn't have followed Trayvon and he wasn't protecting his own house. He was out "policing" the neighborhood. So that's where I'm coming from -- I am not unbiased.

However, this case is not over. Though police say their investigation is done. I hope the grand jury isn't that lazy. I'm not a fan of how this is becoming a racial issue, and I don't think that does anything good for this country. However, I believe with my whole heart that the police didn't do their job here and there should be a trial. You don't get to gun someone down on the street and be called "innocent" by police. That's a jury's job.

The smeer job they've done by trying to call Trayvon a delinquent is enough to make me sick. Listen, with these no tolerance laws it is SOO easy to get suspended. We bought Mexican Cokes (in the bottle) for my son's history report and we literally panicked if the corkscrew we had to send with him would be deemed a weapon and he'd get sent back home.

Trayvon was not a thug and even if he was, that would be the police's issue. Not a neighborhood watch guy with a trigger finger. Listen, let's make believe Trayvon was a white seventeen year old girl. Is it okay for Zimmerman to follow her in the car?

In response, Trayvon's family had to release these photos nine days before his death. NO PARENT should have to prove their child isn't a thug after their death -- as if that gives Zimmerman the right to kill him. His parents have enough on their shoulders. Proving their son is not a thug shouldn't be on their radar. This whole case is disgusting.

If we can assume Zimmerman is innocent, can't we give Trayvon's family equal rights? But keep in mind, Trayvon was tested for drugs and alcohol after his death. Zimmerman wasn't. Do people really not have an issue with that? As the mother of three teens, I have a BIG issue with that.


Spring Shoes

They're in. They're ugly. Trends are neon. I'm sorry, I've already lived through neon and it's best left in the 80s with its swatch watches and bad hair.


Not that it matters, I suppose. I'm going to be writing. I met up with my writing girls and I was so happy to see Camy Tang yesterday. If you haven't read her new kick bum series, Protection for Hire, you should. Camy does everything a different way than me. She plots. She color-codes. She organizes. She is my polar opposite.


What's great about polar opposites is that they often have another way of looking at things that you've overlooked. Camy told me exactly what I should be working on and it was as though a light went on -- I was so grateful to have someone say to me, "Do this!"

I'm so weary of making little decisions, like what's for dinner, what's in the pantry, should I get gas today? That I was just grateful to go to the coffee shop and have Camy say, this is the easiest, fastest thing for you to do. Rewrite this book, "Walking on Water" so I'm starting today. Have a friend who sees things differently?


Winners of "The Scent of Rain" Arc

First, I have to just warn you, an arc, while it looks like a book is pretty heavy. They use thicker stock, so if you gain better biceps while reading, that's an advantage, right?

I spent the morning writing (okay, talking) with my local writers' group and Camy Tang had the best idea to get started on revising a book that's already done. Um, DUH!! That's why she went to Stanford...and I didn't.



Jennifer L. Underwood
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I'll be contacting you all, but if you see this and want to mail me your snail mail address for delivery, send it to I picked someone from the "likes" someone from the blog and someone from the comments on Facebook.

Thanks for being excited with me. Even if you were pretending, that's good enough for me quite frankly.

My New Favorite Show...

I have pretty eclectic TV tastes, I'll admit. There's shows I have to watch alone (Watch What Happens Live, all housewives franchises, etc.) and there's family shows.

Our latest favorite is "Duck Dynasty" -- we saw the ad for it during Storage Wars (another favorite of the family's.)

If you haven't seen it, Duck Dynasty follows a family of rednecks, and when I say redneck, I mean, REDNECK. This is not a misuse of the word. They are proud of it. They've made millions creating duck calls and run a family business, but they're simple folk and honestly, this show is so funny. While it may be scripted, it's done well and believably.


Ie., Last night's episode the CEO is supposed to talk to his daughter's kindergarten class on career day. He has a prior engagement (golf at the country club) so he sends his father who begins his speech with, "Do you know what Nam is?" The contrast of the wives getting pedis (probably by Vietnamese women) is unintentionally disturbing.

Back to the kindergarteners: During the story of the Bengal tiger grabbing a comrade, there's a little girl rocking back and forth, the traumatized victim of a career day that she will never forget.

Later, the family discovers the country club has a pond with a lot of frogs. Frogs are good eating, and why bother getting the boat out when you can just cruise the country club? They're just there for the taking, right?

Last week's cooking of the frogs' legs was a little harsh, so this may not be the reality show for you, but my boys and I just laugh. Maybe it's being the rednecks of Silicon Valley that makes me identify.

Bullying -- help it end #Bully @AndersonCooper

I just watched Anderson Cooper on the new documentary, "Bully" -- it's a movie I won't be able to watch. I'm bawling over the clips and can't see straight. When I think what kids have to endure today, it's too much for me.

It doesn't help that my son looks just like Alex, one of the subjects of the movie. Bullying was a daily part of my childhood. I saw my handicapped brother made fun of on a daily basis. It made ME SICK to watch the clip where the child being bullied is trying to tell his assistant principal why he won't shake hands with his bully -- and more abuse is heaped on the kid by the a.p. who says he must be just like the bully then because he didn't mean the handshake.

No, he didn't mean it you dumb MORON!!! You FORCED him into it, and therefore, it wasn't something he wanted to do. You BULLIED him into it, then have the nerve to say he didn't mean it. I was seriously YELLING at my screen. Later, Anderson says the same thing.

I can't watch this movie. It kills me that people are so cruel. I will never understand it, but I will say Anderson is right. Those who do those things in school don't change. They're haters who can't get much accomplished in life because they never get past their hating.

In contrast, young Alex will grow up to be a beautiful person. I watched as he pat the girl next to him who had been bullied to offer his support, and I thought, this kid is special. I'm thrilled for his bullies to get to be seen for who they are. I want their parents in the front row to see what they've allowed and I hope it has some kind of impact on their futures.

The movie, like "The King's Speech" is rated "R" -- because guess what? Bullies in middle school use the "F" word when they're bullying. There's a petition to get the rating changed so that kids who are the target market can see the film. It should be shown in every school across America. Here's where to sign the petition:

I have a theory as to why victims are bullied further by the school's administration. They usually have little control over a bully. A victim they can mold a little easier, but the responsibility lies with them. Their is no excuse for what is going on, and for the ignorance that it's not a school issue. It's a hundred times worse than when we were young and teachers are still turning a blind eye. Turn on your freaking Facebook and figure it out teachers.

That's another thing. Facebook: Hate pages should be hate crimes. That is not freedom of speech. That is group bullying that can lead to what happened to Tyler Clementi. Stop allowing them!!!


Fly the Crazy Skies...

What is going on with pilots/air hostesses losing it? I mean, why lately? Is the pressurized air getting to them? The new flying rules that make us all paranoid? I don't know if you heard this latest, but a pilot apparently lost it, and his co-pilot got him out of the cockpit and changed the code so that he couldn't get back in.

Great idea from a "get the plane safely down" standpoint, but not so great for the passengers who are left to hold down the fort with a raving lunatic. I mean, what are your choices right? But apparently, the co-pilot doesn't come on and say anything, he just makes a sharp downturn to land.

I get it. He was busy, but it seems to me for all the crap we have to go through getting through the airport (like being nakedly scanned and given a dose of radiation) you'd think these crazy cases in the sky would be less-than, not more. What's up with the airline industry losing it? Any ideas? Are we just hearing about it more?

Has the airline industry always been prone to nutbags? See, it's those straight-living folks who look so good on the's gotta come out somewhere. I say, don a Princess Leia bikini and let your crazy flag ride. It's better than losing it on a jet 35k in the sky.


JetBlue is going to review its procedures. What procedure is there for pilot goes nuts? I think the procedure worked out just fine. Passengers worked with the copilot to get down safely.