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My latest obsession...

Okay, so this is my new obsession. The subject matter is a little disconcerting (it's not a commercial for marriage) but I just love Kimbra's style. She's just her own person. And this dress reminds me of my favorite that Olivia Newton John wore for "Make a Move on Me."

The video is a little creepy, but if you can make it to the end, her dance moves are worth it all. She's just cool. (If she looks or sounds familiar, she's the woman in Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know") She's just got the passion and she's different. I adore different. It makes the world go 'round.


I could only find this tiny picture of the dress I'm talking about. I guess my love of the same style hasn't changed much.


Cleaning Nerd: Best Products

So I'm a cleaning nerd. And on "The Today Show" America's Test Kitchen listed its favorite products. I'm happy to report I have them all. However, they did not have the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser -- though it's not really a kitchen product I suppose.

I hoard Mr. Clean sponges, which was not on Today's list of best cleaning products. When really, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is epic. The best place to buy them in bulk is "Home Depot."


I can verify by independent study, they're the best products out there. I've put where I find them the cheapest usually.

Method Cleaning Spray (Target!)
Seventh Generation Dishwashing Liquid (Whole Foods)
Barkeeper's Friend (Cost Plus)


Which brings me to another product not on their list that I also buy at Cost Plus: Sprayway Window Cleaner


But I was most excited to see my kitchen gloves there. I LOVE these kitchen gloves. They keep your hands from scalding, and they fit so well. Ahem. Like a glove. And they have these little cuffs so water won't seep in from your arms. This is me this morning and my daughter photo bombing me. Casabella gloves. I buy them at "Bed, Bath & Beyond" with my 20% off coupon.

Photo on 2012-05-31 at 09.23

When I came in here to blog, I noticed she was asleep (45 minutes after school had started.) So while I may be excellent at cleaning, my mothering skills could use a touch-up. In my defense, I was at the office last night, but there isn't really a defense when you forget a kid, is there?

Whitney Houston: There is no imitation. Why?

I just saw Jessica Sanchez on "The Today Show" -- she's the finalist from "American Idol" which I don't watch anymore. (Not a J. Lo fan, she SO annoys me -- I think it's the desperation.) Anyway, Jessica sang "I Will Always Love You" -- which was written by Dolly Parton, of course, but made more famous by Whitney Houston and "The Bodyguard."

Jessica's voice is incredible. Seriously incredible. She SOUNDS as good as Whitney, and she's the only person I've ever heard sing that song as well. But hearing Whitney sings that song makes you get goosebumps every time. What is that? It's something that can't be bottled. Or I'd chug some as I sing like a dying bovine. It's just such a loss and I'll never hear that song without thinking so.


The Union Jack

I'm a little obsessed with the Union Jack. It's my son's comforter. I have a Cashmere sweater with it on it. The fascination started with my son's love of British history then expanded with his love of the English Premier League soccer.

With the Queen's Jubilee coming up, the Union Jack is everywhere. I bought my son Union Jack Kleenex this weekend, and Elle a little Union Jack handbag with lipgloss inside.

But these. These are for mommy. And I SOOO covet them!

By Designer Aruna Seth (Seth is my son too, so it's a total sign, am I right? I was destined for these great shoes.) They're covered in Swarovski crystals and while they do have a non-blinged, more affordable version. Yeah, I'm not coveting those.


And I would seriously wear these to the grocery store. Just because I COULD. I'd click my heels together and who knows where I could end up???


Mark Zuckerberg's Low-Key Italian Honeymoon

I had to laugh at the headline about Mark Zuckerberg's "low-key" honeymoon. Did anyone actually expect he was going to get wild? Maybe do a couple shots in Vegas? This is Silicon Valley, exciting is stimulating conversation and good food. Throw in some historical significance and they're set!

I honestly wonder WHO they are going to get for this new show on "Bravo" about Silicon Valley. If you can find someone exciting enough to watch, I don't know that they'd be smart enough to work here. That's why I worry we're going to get a bunch of sales idiots. People work here. That's it. Not a lot more, so I fail to see how this is worthy of a Bravo show.

Although when they do have parties those are fun. They get real rock bands. There's a guy who built his own Hockey rink, but I doubt any of THOSE people will be on the show.


I thought Mrs. Zuckerberg's gown was gorgeous. I didn't think it was cut well though. Nor does it look worth $4k plus, but you know, she's beautiful and she could have spent anything. The fact that she didn't is exactly why I do not fit in with this crowd at all.

Airplane woes with Kids...

This three-year old refused to wear his seatbelt and somehow, the dad couldn't gain control over said child, so they were kicked off the flight.

How do you not tell a three-year old that he's wearing his seatbelt, then plug him in?? Listen, I had FOUR hard-headed children and never would that have been acceptable. I don't get how an entire flight crew and father couldn't handle this. There has to be more to the story.

We're taking Alaska Airlines to Hawaii, so I'll let my kids know now they have to wear their seatbelts.

Oh, I have the best airline story my Aspy son just told me last night. He said when I took him to Disneyland, I couldn't sit with him and he said, "The Aspergers' class must not have kicked in yet because I kept trying to talk to the guy next to me, and he kept trying to sleep, so I kept saying things like, 'I like dogs.' I had an attentive audience. He wasn't going anywhere."

How can you not love that kid? He cracks me up everyday. I used to take my kids to Disneyland all the time by myself because DH hates the happiest place on earth. I know, right?


Why I miss my big kitchen...

I actually prefer cooking in a small kitchen. I especially loved my kitchen in Saratoga because it had a small triangle that said to people, KEEP OUT! I'm not a big lover of help in the kitchen. Is that wrong? I mean, my kids in there with me, fine, but there was a nice place for you to sit while I cooked for you, so there was no need to be in my space.

I know. I have issues.

But these kind of gadgets are what I miss most about a big kitchen. When you have a big kitchen, you can afford to have space for a jalapeño corer and grill plate. In a small kitchen, you can only keep what you absolutely NEED. And no one NEEDS a jalapeño corer and grill plate, am I right?


Homemade jalapeño poppers. Just one more reason I need to move to Florida and get a bigger kitchen.

Abuse in the Schools

I'm telling you, it's rampant. This child received a "Catastrophe Award" for most excuses for homework. She's eight.

That is a life-altering event for that child, I guarantee it and that teacher should be fired immediately. Thank you Teachers' union that we are stuck with so many abusers! And that is not to say that there aren't FABULOUS teachers out there who work so hard to overcome the nightmare that is our current system.


If you read the entire article, the children and the teachers all laughed at the little girl. It's just SHAMEFUL! You don't know what that child is going through at home. Does she have help with her homework? Maybe Mom is working three jobs. Maybe Dad drinks a bit. The point is, what this teacher did is without excuse. Kids who don't do their homework at that age are probably having bigger problems at home. What if your little award, Miss Know-it-all teacher leads this little one to a beating? Did you ever think of that? Of course, you didn't. You're ignorant.

As for the mom, God love her, she went to the school and the principal to complain and got "blown off." How many times do we hear that? How parents are blown off by school administrators? It is SO time to take back our schools and get rid of these people.

This teacher should just get a dunce cap and put the child in the corner. We obviously haven't evolved from that.

If you don't think this is abusive -- think back to being eight years' old and the entire class is laughing at you. They're being led by their fearless leader, the teacher. Will the kid do her homework? Or has she once again learned she's "too stupid" to do it?

Divine Encounters & Discernment

Have you ever felt like you met someone and it was a divine encounter? Today, I met a woman and we just clicked, I can't explain it better than that. It turns out, we both grew up in the Bay Area (very unusual for here); we both grew up Catholic; we both converted to straight Christianity; and we both experienced abuse at the hands of the church.

What are the chances? This is why God gives you these little rays of light when you need them. They remind you that God is not His people, and sometimes, people suck. He is THERE in the midst of that darkness.


But this is where it gets weird. She also has the gift of discernment and she starts to tell me how she started to feel this negative oppression in the house and about doors opening/closing on their own in her house. She tells me she can FEEL it. (See? How many other Baptists watch the ghost shows, I'm telling you, this was a divine appointment.)

So I end up telling her how to bless the house. How to pray, burn sage, cover the four corners of the house in prayer, etc. I'm up now in the middle of the night praying for her, but I'm so struck at how God uses ALL things, even my funky ghost shows for His glory.I love how when we're open and honest, God brings another in support so that you know you're not alone.

Believe it or not, I STILL can't get my YA voice right for this Supernatural series. I keep falling back on trying to make it absolutely Biblically-correct and that just doesn't make for interesting Supernatural fiction. Example? In one pass, I had an angel. Biblically, angels are ONLY male. Could they be female? Probably, but I don't want the letters from angry moms saying that, so it shuts down the creativity.

That's why I wanted to work on a story that I didn't have to think about all of the rules. I think it's okay for fiction to be just that: Fiction.

Real Housewives of OC...Costa Rica

If you're not welcome in foreign countries as an American -- the Real Housewives of the OC might have something to do with that. Honestly, these women don't know how to act in public -- except the brunette (Heather) and I wanted to crawl under the table for her.

There's a reason I didn't watch this franchise. This particular episode consisted of nothing more than them fighting from here to Costa Rica. Question: why would anyone hang out with someone who made you so miserable? Are they all gluttons for punishment?

I'm ready for NYC to start, though they didn't get rid of Luann or the Pinot Grigio chick. I may just be getting too old for these shows.