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Alec Baldwin marries his yoga instructor...namaste

She's gonna need it. Okay, the most interesting thing to me about Alec Baldwin's wedding besides the fact that someone who is not him thinks this is a good idea, is his daughter's getup.


Check out her bag. Seriously, your father is Alec Baldwin. He called you a pig in front of the entire world. Now I'm not into manipulative behavior, but if that isn't good enough for a Bottega Veneta, I don't know what is. A rainbow tie-dye canvas bag? To your dad's nuptials? I don't understand youth.


The next thing one has to appreciate is Alec's return to his Catholic roots now that he's going to marry again. What an appropriate place to bring Woody Allen as a guest -- with his child bride. As they say, the church is for the sick who need a hospital, not the perfect. Excellent display of this fact.

Family Inheritance

I think one of the reasons we're most comfortable with our families throughout life is that we formed our sense of humor together. The other day when I was at my cousin's house, his wife has the same ring tone for her daughter. The Stewie, "Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mom" from "Family Guy." Truthfully, I've never seen that show (my boys like it) but that ringtone is SOOO my daughter and my cousin's daughter, it's not funny. We were raised the same, it's only natural that our kids would have the same personality traits.


For their son, they have the line from Caddyshack where Ted Knight's grandson is saying, "I'll have a hamburger..."

My point being, we all think our ringtones are hilarious. We think they depict our children and we have fun with each other. Fast forward to this afternoon. My boys are home from houseboats. Happy to report that for the third year in the row, they won the "skit" competition because they are nothing if not for creative and equipped with a great sense of humor.

As we're waiting for them to get back... Picture this with me, there is a roomful of anxious parents in the church. They're asking questions about the trip and the missionary who spoke, and we stop to pray. The room is TOTALLY quiet and my phone starts up, "Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mom!"

I'm mortified, grab the phone and run out, but seriously...NOT ONE parent gets it. They all act as if they have no idea who Stewie is, and maybe they don't, but seriously?? This is my sense of humor. It's my kids' sense of humor. Clearly, they're funny or they wouldn't win the skit each year -- but this is what makes me wonder. Do their parents not have this sense of humor? Do the kids have to hide it?

Why are Christians so serious all the time? Jesus was joyful and liked a good party. What's up with us? Oh and I have to mention that Trey came home with blue toenails because Jesus didn't just wash the feet of the disciples. In their skit, He gave a pedicure. Like son?

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Prayer Request for Trey (& his mom!)


These are my boys. Yes, they're all taller than me, thank you for noticing. Trey is on the right. He's my oldest (he'll be eighteen in August) and yes, I realize that makes him nearly an adult, but to me, he's still an on-the-go toddler with the energy of lightning bolt.

The boys have been at houseboats all week and they come home today. YAY!! But next week, Trey leaves for Egypt. I'm an overprotective mom as it is, but I don't think it would take one to be worried about Egypt. The elections...the travel...the reality...yesterday, after signing him over to my FIL, I literally was so ticked off, I headed to Loehmanns to shop the pain away. Then I realized I had no money and bought my daughter flip-flops, so she'd stop stealing the rest of ours.

I've had to be really strong so as not to pass the fears onto my son because this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and he's a complete history savant. It's good practice. After this year, he'll be leaving for college where he wants to major in physics and become MORE of Dr. Sheldon Cooper than he already is.

Rambling to keep from sobbing, sorry. He's growing up. Does that mean I have to? Anyway, prayers much appreciated for his safety and his big trip!

This is the part that scares me about e-readers...

They are reading you.

They know how fast you read (that I was basically retarded reading Mrs. Dalloway) and which lines you highlight. I'm not paranoid by nature, but what if that could be used in a court of law against you? Not that my reading is going toward how to make bombs or anything, but I still find it creepy.

I realize that with Facebook, Twitter, etc., privacy is out the window, but you would think what you read, and how fast you read, would be something kept in the privacy of your own home. I suppose if you check something out of the library, there's a track, but I find this more annoying because I PAY to be tracked. Yes, I have Russian lit and Jane Austen on my Kindle, but that's what I'll own up to. What about the things I won't own up to? Like those biographies no educated woman would buy...


You say Maxi Dress, I say Moo-moo

My daughter has been trying to talk me into a "maxi-dress" for Hawaii and this is just not going to happen. All I see when I look at these is Moo-moos and house coats that my old Italian aunts wore. I'd rather be the inappropriate older chick in a mini-skirt than wear one of these things. There are some things from the 70's best left there.


FYI no writing done at all this week. My boys were gone to houseboats and that means only the TALKER was left. Not mentioning any names, but my two ears are pretty worn out...

My oldest leaves for Egypt next week. Prayers appreciated as Mom is NOT handling this well.

Edward Scissorhands

Elle and I have had a busy week without the boys, so we're playing today low-key. Edward Scissorhands is on, and I'm so excited, I forgot that Vincent Price was in this movie. I got to show Elle the voice of "Thriller" -- too fun. I love when I can homeschool my kids in the things that matter...


Tom Cruise & Katie are over...FINALLY

I'm not big on divorces, don't get me wrong, but I have been waiting for this one. Tom Cruise is not sane. Oh, he looks fine from the outside, but that is a boy who needs medication and doesn't believe in it.

Do you know what that means? Those around him pay the price because THERE ain't nothing wrong with him. Katie has looked a little closer to death every day she's been married to him, and she was the only one who ever believed in that fairy tale anyway.

From Oprah's couch incident to today, she always looked like she wasn't really a part of this relationship, she was nothing more than an accessory. And Tom didn't want a real trophy wife. Instead of Barbie, he just wanted Skipper so she'd do as she was told. But eventually, you can't always do crazy, especially when it involves your children.

All I can say is Katie is going to need therapy. I think we have our answer as to why she's been dressing so badly. She doesn't care. She's depressed that she couldn't make her marriage work -- but marriages don't work when one person isn't truly present. So sad. But I'm glad she is young enough to get therapy and didn't stay as long as poor Nicole Kidman.

I hope Suri gets to live with her mother.

Kylie America

Hey Aussies, we got a taste of your country when Kylie Minogue was on "Watch What Happens Live" which is a nightly show on Bravo that is like a highlight reel for "The Real Housewives" shows.


We were treated to a clip of her wedding on "Neighbors" -- but the highlight was definitely Andy Cohen talking about her "donkey booty" and explaining that in THIS country that is a compliment. : )

Beckham at Stanford on Saturday!!

This Saturday, the San Jose Earthquakes are playing the LA Galaxy at Stanford. And you know what that means...David Beckham!!

We are huge soccer fans here, but does one really need to be to see Beckham? I mean, see Beckham play soccer. The answer is clearly no, because this match at Stanford Stadium is sold out. Seriously?

The San Jose Earthquakes are doing very well, but Beckham is probably the draw. The Euro Cup is on right now and there's some great soccer on television every night, but I'm glad to see the rest of the Bay Area getting into the spirit, even if it is for the "wrong" reason.


Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

Normally, I read about three books a week. This one took me a good week to get through. It's not an easy read -- at least it wasn't for me, but I never claimed to be a Mensa member -- nor would I be considered for said membership.

I knew the book would end without a real ending since Woolf is a known literary author, and they never seem to give us a satisfactory ending. Call me simplistic, but I like a solid ending. It did truly make me think though.

Did Clarissa marry the right man? Would she have paid the price for passion verses security? If she had to do it all over again, what might she choose?

My favorite aspect of the book was the way Mrs. Dalloway understood and even respected Septimus' choice. How in the end, it's the same choice Virginia Woolf herself made. I see why it's a classic, though I think it's pointless to make a kid in college read this -- or worse yet, a high school kid. They all think middle-aged is 30, so what relevance would this have on them?

Anyway, my take away is that Virginia Woolf tortured herself with understanding the human condition far too well, and I think I need to read "Bridget Jones's Diary" again to purge my system.


FYI, I've been making up for lost social years this week and haven't been home at all to blog, so I apologize for having a life. But I've needed one!