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Ever have one of those days?

Probably not as often as me, but still. I spent the night at the office and when I got up realized that I had no clean clothes there, other than chones. See, my mommy taught me something anyway. But I needed to run an errand (pick up DH's old car at the shop) so I stopped by Starbucks, and let me just fill you in on my outfit.

Striped aqua and red yoga pants cut at the knee. A black and aqua dress shirt for one of my business suits. White sandals and...wait for new blue/gray/orange Coach handbag. Because you know, it's all about the handbag. I pretty much looked like a homeless person who stole this season's bag.

No big deal, I was just going to run into Starbucks and grab a coffee, since it's on the way home. Who would see me? Granted, I did get some very odd looks, but you know, getting coffee other coffee-drinkers understand, so no biggie.

Photo (14)

Until I get home, and driven to the Toyota dealership, where I'm planning to drive home the car without being seen. However, DH promptly drops me off without another word and takes off for work.

Uh, I guess I'm getting the car...I proceed to wait for oh, say thirty minutes, dressed as a hobo with a good handbag, while I wait for my ancient Sequoia which needed a new antenna so I can drive it to Utah.

I'm trying to look at the good side and think Mr. Engineer just doesn't notice how beautiful I look because I always look so fabulous. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. But next time, I won't forget clothes. The business/yoga/homeless/beach look really isn't for me.

Ode to Maeve Binchy

I was so sad to wake up to the news that Maeve Binchy has left this realm. What an amazing writer! She was such a gifted storyteller and the idea that there won't be more of her work on earth is crushing. She was one of three writers who I buy every book. And I do so in hardback. As does my mother because we won't share a Maeve book.

Maeve's gift was to take the mundane of everyday life and drama and make it matter to us. She lived the consumate writer's life. The one I imagine all of us writers would live if we could -- a quaint cottage in a quiet, little Irish village filled with books and papers


I can't pick a favorite of her books. I loved them all. Her characters came to life, the neighborhoods, the streets -- all familiar to us who read her stories. The world lost some light with Maeve gone. Thank God books live forever.


#Bachelor Pad --Hate yourself in the morning...

Ugh. This show is such a train wreck, but it is an amazingly-fun train wreck. I mean, dressing up people who are normally very attractive and "cool" in leotards and making them do rhythmic gymnastics? How can you NOT love that? To think, some people are watching REAL Olympics when there is THIS.

Sigh...I just got kicked off of the TV for the real Olympics. I tried to show them the quality of reject Bachelors in Spandex, but they didn't get it. In fact, I think I've been offended. But no matter, Michael Stagliano is looking for love, and our obsessed fan, Donna is going on the three on one date.

Sadly, Donna is watching Michael munch someone else's face off. That is awkward. So awkward in fact, that I have to forward. Michael decides to "do her a favor" though and then makes out with her. Ewwww. Then, he gives Donna the rose. Uh oh. Mr. Nice Guy has a dark side. Really, guys. No one needs your mercy kiss.

Erica Rose is back at the house doing what she does every season: Telling us how wonderful she is, and sniveling/begging/imploring someone...anyone to agree with her. She needs to bond with the twins, who are Chip 'n Dale come to life. Only crazier.

Chris tries to make the most of Jamie's crush and proves what a dog he truly is. Jamie's plan to "steal" Chris away just crashed and burned when Blakely staked out her property.

I don't get why they're anti-fan. They need to get rid of the likes of Erica Rose, and the people who know how to play the game. The fans are too starstruck to be much danger so far.

Blakely is a smart girl though, and she's safe. So she invites Dave (the fan) and the gesture makes him tear up. Too cute. She takes Chris, Dave and Ed on a date in a soapbox derby. Erica Rose is at the mansion again writing her own story.

I have to say, I love how Chris thought he was in charge, and Blakely quickly turned that boat around. Erica Rose and Chris think Dave is so strategic. I think he's Forrest Gump in that sense.

It gets kind of dirty here. I have to forward. Blech. Back to the twins fighting. Their drama is that of an angrily-married couple. Michael's narration of the buzzing mosquitoes is spot-on. The twins went home. Crap. That means Erica Rose may be safe. More mosquitoes...she's safe.

Ryan's going home. Do people really live like this? Man, I hope not. This is abhorrent and really, I should go back to the Olympics.

Olympic Sports...why?

There are some strange sports in the Olympics. I don't get the constant coverage of the Beach Volleyball games, other than the women wear no clothing. Though I did watch the Italians take down the Russians yesterday. The Italians did a lot of yelling. You have to love their passion. Why say anything, when you can yell it with gusto? I recognized a few of their hand motions as well.

However, I don't get why some sports are Olympic sports. Gymnastics, for example, is not in question. We truly NEED the gymnastics competition to know who is best.

But Basketball? We know who is best by the NBA paychecks. If China was as good at the USA in basketball, they'd get the million-dollar contracts. I think this sport can go.

Soccer. Now I love me some soccer, but seriously, what is the Euro? What is the FIFA Cup? I can forgive this one though because it's the most popular world sport, and it excites me.

Here's a list below of the current sports. Women's softball and men's baseball has been eliminated. Which is fine with me. Baseball bores me on a regular day, but I don't know. Badminton? Seriously? Do you put that on a resume? Yes, I'm a 2012 Gold Medalist in Badminton!

Equestrian...isn't it the horse that makes the difference? It's on right now and I'm thinking, oh these poor people couldn't get tickets to gymnastics.

Table tennis. It is impossible to take Forrest Gump's sport seriously. And it's ping pong. it doesn't matter how you dress up the name. We know you're playing ping pong.

So, what would you keep? I didn't even know field hockey was still played in the world. The Olympics are therefore, educational.

beach volleyball
canoe / kayak
field hockey
modern pentathlon
soccer / football
synchronized swimming
table tennis
track and field
triathlon (swimming, biking, running)
water polo


Mind over Matter, but not Thermodynamics...

When I was in Hawaii, Tony Robbins was here in San Jose, at the giant stadium nearby. He was encouraging people to do better, be better, step outside their small world.

I can get into that. Encouragement is so needed in this negative world. However...21 people were hurt when they burned their feet by walking on hot coals. Which begs the question, what was person number 20 or even 21 thinking? "These first 19 people were total idiots. Let me show them how to defy the laws of thermodynamics..."


How sweet is this pic?

Doesn't it remind you of your slumber party days? I don't know why the cool thing has become the sofa, but there you have it. Finding them all curled up this morning, just warms me inside.

Photo (13)

Now they are all up and giggling. It's less cute. LOL

Maria Shriver claims house won't sell due to "bad energy"

I, however, contend the lack of staging and bad wallpaper have more to do with the house not selling. That's a lot of money for a house in that condition. $4,495,000

For that kind of money, I should have a clean slate. Have you ever had to take wallpaper down? It's horrific.


Tonight's Real Housewives of New Jersey

Classic! Tonight's episode was classic. They RV to Half Moon Bay's Pillar point, which is really a scummy parking lot, next to the fishing harbor (so it usually smells bad) -- now that's prime real estate during Mavericks (the surfing competition) but otherwise, it's a parking lot where you can park your RV.

The rub? Across the Harbor is the Ritz Carlton, which is rubbing salt in the wound, no?

I think the lesson here is that camping is good for no one. Which is why I will not be with the family next week in Yosemite. Nor was I there this week with my parents. Because you know what? Yosemite has some BEAUTIFUL hotels nearby and since you can't drive in the Valley anymore (they schlep you around in busses) I see no reason to camp. Ever.


Back to the housewives. Jacqueline seems subdued and not in a good way. Caroline is getting unseemly and Teresa is fighting everyone and she'll need those people when Joe goes on the next binge. Is that too cynical?

Emily Giffin's bag

I have it in creme. it has a great bright green interior. Emily's color is cuter, definitely. I went to the San Francisco Nordstrom's yesterday and they didn't actually have anything cuter than the San Jose Nordstrom's. That was disappointing.

Photo on 7-29-12 at 4.52 PM #3

I haven't read Emily's books. I couldn't get past the cheating in the first book. I just couldn't identify, though I know that's what made it stand out.

"To love another person is to see the face of God." Victor Hugo -- Les Miserables

Yesterday, I went to Les Miserables in San Francisco. The first part of the story felt very rushed, but the actors/singers were incredible -- and considering my mother thought the last time we went that it was over at Intermission, I guess it could afford to be cut down. They rushed the Fantine storyline, but I thought they did a better job with Eponine and Cosette. Regardless, it whet my appetite for the new movie.

It's such a timeless story. The character of Javert thinking he's all righteousness and godly. The humble criminal of Jean Valjean. It just doesn't get any better. As the Toy Story writers say, there are only two stories: Reinvention and Redemption. Les Miz has both.

Speaking of Les Miserables, San Francisco has to have the most homeless people shouting at themselves of any city in the world. It's so scary to go into that drug-infested area and see the young people who have destroyed themselves with drugs, or the mentally ill who have no one to care for them. Then you walk two blocks and see Union Square and all the money. It was the best of was the worst of times.

Onto the Olympics' Opening Ceremony. Yes, that was definitely quirky. And a little disjointed (like this post) so I thought if you didn't have that English background, it would make little sense. Even with Matt Lauer (boo!!) narrating, it made little sense as far as story goes.

To get ever more disjointed. Here are the dogs for adoption from today's Wiener Nationals at my church. So cute.


And now I will end it with the quote Nic always sends me when my posts are so random. "I'm on a horse."