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Best Day Ever!

Today was so great -- a perfect day in San Francisco. Fun with the girls (my daughter and my best friend from high school's daughter) at the free concert put on by Radio Alice in Golden Gate Park. So much fun!

First off, it was 80 something in SAN FRANCISCO! Hedley opened, and they were fantastic. Most of the young gals were there for Phillip Phillips and Ed Sheeran and left after them, but the best was yet to come. MATT NATHANSON! One of my very favorites and seriously, he always sounds as good, if not better, in person. No autotune necessary for real talent!

Photo (32)

(That little tiny black spot is Matt Nathanson) We did not have close seats and worse yet, we were behind this horrible man in bad 80's jeans, who was sporting a Huey Lewis look from back in the day. His acid-washed jeans were up to his nipples and he had a bag of pot that he kept taking out and rolling his own in front of us.

Everyone survived my City driving. (Let's just say I learned to drive a stick in San Francisco, and I can be...aggressive.) We got home and visited with Laurie's parents, while the teens went to drop several girls off and came home HOURS later. It turns out they had gone to a few Open Houses in the neighborhood. LOL Maybe they'll go into real estate one day.

All I know is Zen Fest was exactly that, so Zen and so much fun. And it was the only reason I was able to make it through "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" which is ugliness at its finest!


#RHONJ -- Reunion Part 1

That was seriously intense. It's not really a show one can watch without alcohol. I'm not a drinking girl, but I don't finish the next two parts, you might need to take the edge off.

First off, regardless of how you feel about Teresa, she is not responsible for everyone's problems, and to use her as the scapegoat is a cheap shot. Even Kathy accused Teresa's mother of being a liar. Seriously? You accuse your Italian aunt, your mother's sister of being a liar? Those are words you can't take back.

Kathy got some plastic surgery that she didn't need. Is that what happens when you go on this show? You start looking at everything that's wrong with you and heading to the plastic surgeon? At least go to NYC, get out of Jersey.

We're all responsible for our own behavior and the fact that someone else (Theresa) could make Caroline or Lauren Manzo act like vicious seventh grade girls is simply not true. The fact is, Teresa Giudice believes what she believes. No matter how many times you scream your truth at her, she's not going to hear it, and you look like an incredible idiot and a bully.

And then Kathy's sister Rosie threatening to rip Teresa's tongue out! Isn't making a threat like that a crime? Horrible behavior!

Everyone on the cast is not Teresa's friend anymore. So why the angst? I don't get it. She's alone. She's separated from her family. What more does the cast want? To see her suffer more? Revenge is like a cancer and it eats away at the person who cannot forgive.

The worst thing Teresa did on the show is say that Caroline was fat and called her out on a tummy tuck. While Caroline accused her of whoring out her children. I hope they all watch the show back and see that fame is definitely not worth being famous for being the worst possible type of person.

I would have liked to have heard more from Jacqueline about her son. I would have preferred to hear a lot less from Caroline, who really needs to have her hormones checked. She's not fine.

Tom Cruise's Solo Life

If you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know I'm not a Tom Cruise fan. Something about him has always rubbed me the wrong way, but reading the latest article in People Magazine about his life without his family, I found myself feeling really sorry for him. Sorry because I just don't think he gets it. I don't think he's knows he controlled Katie to her breaking point. I don't think he understands that Scientology isn't the only "best" way to live. And he hasn't seen his daughter since August. That's so sad!


I feel for Katie too. I mean, you want your child to have her father, but what if your child was in danger of being pulled into a dangerous cult with alien thinking? What are your options? You can say Katie had a choice when falling in love with Tom, but I contend that she didn't. We can be as practical as we like, but who we fall in love with just is. We can make choices to go a more practical route, but that never works out either.

This is just the perfect conflict. No one wins, and yet both sides need to be who they are, and they can't do that together. It's heartbreaking for Suri. And, I suppose Tom too. And that's saying something coming from me.

Otters need playtime...

When my son went to Christian school, they told me he was an otter. Apparently, Dr. Trent and Dr. Smalley wrote a children's book on different types of animal temperaments in children.

Otters need lots of playtime. When we don't get it, we get cranky. Making a non-otter understand that you're not going to take one more brutal step until you've had your downtime is a full-time job.

People with the lion personality don't get it. They're too busy controlling everything. I feel like, as a parent, I've spent a fair amount of time standing up for playtime agains the lions of Silicon Valley. Playtime is not organized sports. Playtime is unstructured, laughter-inducing FUN!

If you don't give an otter their playtime? They slowly wilt on you -- like a plant that isn't watered. Here in Cupertino, where education is everything, parents don't get that. I wonder if they don't have otters, or simply suck the life and joy out of their otters.


This son is a hard-worker. He's an excellent student, but he has his limits. I don't want him to turn into a joyless drone. Silicon Valley is full of them. People who think success is having a big house/nice car and never being home to enjoy either. Stuff doesn't make you joyful. Not ever.

I've been wealthy, I've been poor. I don't remember the money making me happier (okay, the convertibles made me happy, but I had one of those when I was poor and couldn't really afford it.) Are you making enough playtime for yourself? Doing the things that bring you joy?

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Health yes, but let's not get carried away...

Once a year I go on a yoga retreat. It's pretty much what you'd expect, an experience in make-up free, fat-free, taste-free living. Once a year, I love it. Then I want to come back to Laura Mercier and Starbucks.

The only issue for me at this wonderful retreat where food is rationed (supposedly for your health) is that I get a headache from going coffee-free. And this year? Well, this year, I'm not willing to do that. I'm going to sneak in Starbucks' Via. Or perhaps even my espresso machine, which I could plug into my car's outlet. I'll bet if I charged, I might even be able to pay for the retreat!

I'm all for healthy living, as long as that doesn't mean a life without caffeine, because that is healthy living that is not worth living. And in case you haven't heard, herbal tea is what they'll be serving in hell. I'm pretty sure. I mean, I can't quote sources or anything, but it seems right, doesn't it?


A Book's Sins -- What's your deal breaker?

What will make you throw a book across the room? I've heard a lot over the years, "Oh it had too many raunchy sex scenes;" "It was in first person;" "I couldn't connect with the characters;" We all have our breaking point that says, life is too short and this book is not worth my time.

I would say there are three kinds of books I won't bother with -- one is the typical cheesy, same ol' suspense novel that starts with the cardboard heroine's dread like bile in her throat. Yada, yada, yada, she's scared. She's in danger. I don't give a rat's behind. Been there, done that. Next!

The next is the well-written, does everything right novel that has absolutely no emotional kick/depth to it. I can't really point my finger to why I can't sludge through it because they've got everything in there: bantering dialogue, plot, three dimensional characters, but for some reason I just don't care. I know I'm supposed to, but I'm simply not interested.

For me, this is usually the perfect heroine who does nothing wrong. I see this a lot and I can't connect. Give me a woman at the well story any day, because even if you think you're not the prodigal brother? You're still the brother who stayed home, so let's get real, shall we? Flawed characters are real characters.

A wonderfully-written novel can make you connect to a pedophile (Lolita) so don't give me cardboard perfection. (I have trouble connecting to a masculine heroine. I'm a girly-girl and even though I can wield a power tool like a professional and snake a toilet, I would never admit to it as a heroine. Yuck.)

Finally, it's epic horrible writing. (I'm talking to you Fifty Shades of Grey.) As an author, I just know too much to get through something that badly-written. Now, no offense to the author, she wrote it out of love and I honor her for that. Plus she's a multi-millionaire and couldn't care less what I think.) And I honestly hope she doesn't get so bogged down by rules now that she's afraid to write the next one (Bridges of Madison County.)

I truly wish I could enjoy the last type because I could see what's so beloved about them, but sorry, my background doesn't let me. What makes you "just say no" to a book? There's no right or wrong answer, it's a personal thing!

One of my all-time favorites:


Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion

I'm having a party for the New Jersey Reunion. I think it's going to be stressful, so I want to be surrounded by party energy to prepare. You would think maybe I just shouldn't watch, but I totally can't help myself. This season has been compelling.

Teresa is in for it, and even Anderson Cooper picked on her -- so I can't imagine what the other women are going to do. Maybe she deserves it, but I can't help but feel for her. Although some of the things she says to Caroline on the reunion preview are pretty heinous.

I don't like Caroline. I think she's a bully and I don't care if she returns. Not a big fan of Jacqueline either because she whines too much. Teresa and her kids entertain me. They're like the antithesis of Honey Boo Boo's family with their negative take on everything. I don't want to hang out with them, but I do enjoy watching them.

So I'll be planning the Jersey menu for Sunday...any plans to watch?


In the interest of full disclosure...

I should mention that I know this name business after naming my son Jonah, which means gentle as a dove (and he is!) But he was also the defiant prophet...just saying.

My little dove (who is nearly impossible to capture in a photo and who is nearly 6'2") is 17 today. He tries to look mentally-deranged in all of his photos. That's his thing. I don't know WHO raised him like that, but they should take some responsibility!


And Reese seemed so normal...

But she named her baby Tennessee. I mean, I get it, you're from Tennessee. Hometown, roots, all of that. Even Tennessee Williams' REAL name was Thomas and he wrote some messed-up stuff. I always worry that names have meaning and you're attaching a legacy to your kid they don't need.

I grew up Catholic. Does that explain that?

Anyway, the kid's name will be Tennessee Toth. Why don't you just put a target on the child's forehead?


Plus, I want to know how you get your husband to name his first son after a notoriously gay man. Since most dads picture themselves throwing a football around, and not that their boys will be playwrights, I just have to wonder if Jim Toth did his homework. Or if he's so happy to be married to Reese, he just said, "Okay baby, you name him whatever you like. Yeah, Tennessee, that's good."