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Halloween Memories

Most days, I love that my kids are older. I'm past the stage of school musicals where my kids never sang. I'm past the stage where they throw food and I'm past the stage of trying to work while listening for eerie quiet (which with boys, always means trouble!)

But I'm not past Halloween. I miss their precious faces going out for candy -- the year they first discover, "SERIOUSLY?? SOMEONE IS JUST GOING TO GIVE ME CANDY WHEN I KNOCK ON THE DOOR?"

I even miss when they cried over costumes I worked on forever wailing, "My costume is from the garbage can!"

Tonight, we'll huddle together to give out candy to the younger generation, but I still see my babies. This morning, I woke up Jonah and I told him, "Johah, you used to wake up and make me feel like the Queen of Sheeba with your smile in the morning. Now, I could be the grim reaper."

If you have youngins, take lots of pictures. It goes so fast.


I found my favorite Halloween picture of Elle. The girl rejected princess from day one.

Photo (41)

Kelsey Grammer's New Child Bride gets even Classier...

Kelsey Grammer...not a fan. So we all know he left Camille Grammer high and dry for his stewardess and that she hangs on his every word like he's god. Well, last night they attended a Halloween party at the Playboy mansion. (Good place to bring your child bride FYI)

She dressed as...a Real Housewife. A la Camille Grammer.


Except unlike Camille, she has no class or decorum. And may I just remind her that if Camille hadn't invested Kelsey's money (which he was snorting up his nose) in real estate, he'd just be an old man. Not a rich old man. Tacky. Truly tacky.

The Family is in Mourning: Disney to buy Lucasfilm for $4.05 BILLION!

That's as much as Lucas has made on all the films. Now, granted, the franchise is worth a lot more with SWTOR, The Clone Wars, Legos, etc. But there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth here as my geeks worry that Disney will politically-correctify the franchise. A la, "Greedo shot first" controversy.

They're already on SWTOR commiserating. I think that's as much as I'll say about a movie I've never sat through. I've tried.

But I do hear the Vader music when I look at Lucas. $4.05 BILLION. Seriously?? What does one do with that kind of money??

Apparently, it doesn't make him smile.


Tony is TOTALLY stealing my thunder!

So my son tells me that he's asked Tony, infamous blog commenter, to Skype in and speak on "Career Day" to his class -- to which is ask him, "What about the writer in your life? I could come in person."

"No one wants to be a writer," my son says, then he catches himself. "I mean, it's supposed to be the job you want to do when you grow up. I don't want to be a writer."

On a happy note, I'm spending the weekend with people who DO want to be writers (and are, in fact, writers) and next week, I'm meeting my editor at the Cliff House in San Francisco. We're discussing the Supernatural elements in my new series.

It's like God's perfect timing to let me know, it's can't help that you're a writer. I made others like you...

Maybe not totally like me. Tonight starts the Halloween festivities at church and then, of course, school and home. I do love a happy holiday where you get to dress up accordingly, though I know most of you outgrow this.

Here's my little happy ghost collection this year. Isn't it cute?


Is Anna Wintour Pressuring Designers NOT to Dress Ann Romney?

If she is, she's an idiot. Any fashion designer should be proud to dress a woman on the campaign trail. To bring politics into it, is ridiculous. Not only that, but have you seen the "Wal Mart Shoppers, Michelle Obama edition" photos? She's been known to not dress that well when she's on her own.


The thing that makes me angry about this is I'm so over the PC garbage of who is worthy of fashion designer support. The fact is, both women can afford nice clothes. The truth is, that Ann Romney has to pay for hers, while Michelle gets hers for free. So what's happening is that when designers dress Obama, press releases flood the news outlets, "Here she is in OUR outfit."

Whereas, when Romney wears a designer outfit, no such press releases are sent. All I can say is that if I were Ann Romney, I'd find an American designer who would be proud to have me in their clothes.

Seriously, we're AMERICANS and you should be entitled to make money on EITHER candidate. That's the American way. The fact that you have to believe a certain way is supposed to be tolerance in action? It's bullying. Period.

Brandi Glanville gets a free pass...

Because her husband left her for LeAnn Rimes. That automatically makes her the victim, but this woman has absolutely no filter. I can't imagine she's a fun one to take to the office Christmas party. When she's introduced to the new cast member of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" her commentary is, "You've slept with everyone."

I don't remember that particular line in Emily Post, but maybe I'm forgetting something.


The BH girls are my favorite, and this year should be interesting. I guess we're going to watch another marriage fall apart. (People, get off the TV!) Though, it was obvious that Adrienne Maloof had no respect for her husband. That's sort of the beginning of the end, isn't it?

@AndersonLive Ending : (

It's no secret that I love Anderson Cooper. I'm not the starstruck sort, but I'd go out of my way to meet him. (I actually saw him in Manhattan when I was there, but I was too chicken to say 'hi') Anyhoo, my dad called me to tell me his daytime show was ending. I'm so sad.


On a happy note, he's in Asbury Park, New Jersey right now reporting on Sandy. There's something NOT pathetic, but rather heroic about Anderson out in the weather. Why is that?

This storm is fierce. I do pray it passes quickly! So I wouldn't pay to see Adam Ant. I wouldn't even pay for Colin Firth, but I would pay for Anderson. I mean to meet him. Don't be dirty.

It's not really a storm until...

Some news underling has to go stand in the weather and try and maintain their upright position while saying, "It's a bad storm! As you can see, it's windy and raining!"

Because apparently, we the viewing public can't figure that out for ourselves. We need someone to go and battle nature for us. They're working their way up the TV journalism spectrum, what choice do they have?


Break into Tom Cruise's House...get tasered

So Tom Cruise's neighbor came home drunk. So drunk, in fact, that he didn't know his house wasn't Tom Cruise's house. This mistake resulted in him being tasered by police and taken away.

Now, I can understand if you got drunk and came home to your little pink house that looks like all your neighbor's little pink houses. But a Beverly Hills' mansion? How drunk do you have to be to mistake this?


Methinks our neighbor has a drinking issue. Incidentally, I don't know what is up with the paparazzi, but apparently, they stalk Tom Cruise's house 24/7 because they got this tasering action on camera. I don't know which is creepier truthfully.