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#RHONJ the Final Finale

It made me sick to my stomach. Honestly, so many cringe-worthy moments, and my stomach was already weakened from seeing "Pitch Perfect." I don't know that I ever want to see these people on TV again. For the following reasons:

1. Strippergate: How many people do you know who could be accused of having once stripped? Yet, the entire CAST faces this accusation, but no one owns up to it. Except Joe Gorga. And may I just say, EWWWW! But now we know why he's so anxious to get naked all the time. He made good money at it.

2. Kathy & Rich talking about their love life. Ewww! And they have teens they're tormenting. Oversharing and not in a good way.

3. Caroline's pretend the-world-is-beautiful-let's-all-get-along crap while she accuses, bullies, controls, blames and stirs up trouble. Then, bats her eyelashes. Enough. There's a reason her sister isn't talking to her.

4. Jacqueline's hatred at Teresa. So bad that Andy Cohen actually told her to shut up while Teresa and her brother were trying to work things out. Why would a friend have that much power in your life? Teresa's selfish, if you're just getting that now, somehow that's her fault?

5. Caroline's kids. (Entitled and need to learn how to work for people before they "run" their own businesses.)

6. Teresa's delusional thinking to make her husband a decent man. (Not gonna happen, no matter how big your fantasy world is.)

7. Melissa's delusional thinking that she's the next Britney. Both she and Joe Gorga need to put their clothes ON and parent.

8. Everyone blaming everything on Teresa. Every family has a scapegoat, and Teresa is this family's sin eater, but she simply cannot be responsible for everything gone wrong in their lives. Melissa moving away from Teresa isn't going to fix her issues with the in-laws. Joe Gorga's dad clearly prefers Joe Guidice as a son figure. And that should tell you something about Teresa's father.

In summary, so much ugly that I can't even think of a good reason to go back. It wasn't entertaining ugly, it was just ugly.