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Holy Humiliations!

Just dropped off my daughter at the Middle School event at church. I didn't know it was a church-wide event, and I'm wearing yoga pants, a Ghosts & Gravestones St. Augustine T-shirt and an orange sweater tied at my waist. Not my best look. (I cleaned the oven today and I needed to be mobile.)

Okay, my church is Baptist (this is the other campus,so not everyone knows me, or my weird ways) and Baptists don't believe in ghosts...so my strange fetish with ghost shows is not something I normally talk about. I don't hide it, but I do love me a scary, historical story. (Not demonic, just creepy, k?)

So the church is dark (for ambiance) and there are tables set up all over the room and the entire congregation is eating dinner together. (I was leaving to get my son from soccer.)

Anyhoo,wouldn't you know it? My stupid GHOST shirt illuminates in glow-in-the-dark greatness for all to see. GHOSTS & GRAVESTONES GHOST HUNTER

Really, I just need to tattoo CHECKED OUT on my forehead.

Aren't you glad I'm not your mother??