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Jewish Mothers/Italian Mothers -- Same thing...

I read Jill Zarin's book, SECRETS OF A JEWISH MOTHER, and I was surprised by how similar those secrets are to Italian mothers. A good mixture of guilt, high expectations, respect and a verbal smack upside the head when necessary. Jewish and Italian mothers don't care if we humiliate ourselves if we're worried. Not in the least!


That's why I'm so excited to see Seth Rogan and Barbra Streisand's new movie, "The Guilt Trip" -- there was a scene on Dr. Phil that made me cry because it was so poignant and TRUE. It's where the mother, who is so thrilled to be on this trip with her son, demands respect from him.

I've had this scene with all of my boys because I am that happy-go-lucky mom who would do anything for my babies, and they know it. But there comes a day when they cross the line and all moms should reach the point where they say "enough" or it's called enabling.

On Sunday, my eldest had a school project. He left here at 1:30, not telling his father where he was going. I knew where he was going (a public park to film a video assignment with kids in his class -- ie., kids I don't know.) and when I hadn't heard from him at 6:30, I headed over there. (He'd left his cell phone in his soccer locker. Grr.)

They weren't where they met earlier that day. Most likely, they'd gone to someone's house to edit their film. I knew this, but something crazy happens to mothers when their kids go missing for hours.

I came home, cooked dinner and enlisted his brothers. First, I binged his best friend (who has graduated) on Facebook and got a sweet note, "Sorry Mrs. Billerbeck, I haven't heard from him at all today."

See, this is the problem with being a boy mom. You stop and say, look at the good choices my son makes in friends. What a respectful young man. Now back to humiliating him so this will not happen again.

His brother finds someone on the project with him and finds out there still working on the project. I feel better, but I still want to know where he is. At 8:30, I get a phone call. They're still not done and he didn't have his phone, blah blah blah.

I tell him, "I'm glad you're safe, get home so I can kill you."

Now I've got two boys remaining, so naturally, they're getting a sermon. They're HERE aren't they? "If you're not coming for dinner, you call. You know this, right? I mean, it's not rocket science, is it?"

"No Mom," they say in cowering form. "We'd call. Don't we always call?" They look at each other and nod. Suck-ups, I know, but I needed the stroke. Okay, they know better. This is an anomaly. He got caught up in the project and didn't think to call. I get it, it's embarrassing to call your mom. THAT is why she buys you unlimited texting. (Boys aren't like girls. They really could care less about a cell phone. You get them one because it's a tracking device.)

AT 10:30, my son calls me to pick him. The ride home results in the kind of conversation Barbra Streisand has with Seth Rogan. That's why I can't wait to see this movie. Trey and I have a date. He just doesn't know it yet.