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Not my fault gene...

Seriously, Jesus has nothing on the Lohans because NOTHING is their fault. Nothing. Apparently, they are sinless and the rest of the world is to blame for everything wrong in their life.

The latest is that Lindsay was set-up somehow at the nightclub. Okay, but here's the thing, why are you AT a nightclub? When you've got substance abuse issues among other things, why are you at the club to be set-up? And were you set-up in the car accident? When the morning show asked you about your half-sister?

I mean, at some point in life, you have to take responsibility for the garbage that happens and have an exit strategy. Hmmm. I'm at a bar. Things are going badly. There is a psychic here who I predict is going to hire Gloria Allred. Maybe I should hit the streets. Maybe this rock star just isn't into me, and it might end badly for me.

Does she EVER ask herself those questions? How could she? No one in her family knows to ask those questions. Because again, NOTHING is ever their fault.


If you'd like to hear Lindsay's current list of excuses, here's more. Somehow, I think you can fill in the blanks.