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#Silicon Valley Startups: Substance, not Gimmicks

Being an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley is not about having the best pitch or the best degrees. It's about the product. Selling substance is tantamount to success. Ponzi schemes don't go over well here to the Venture Capitalists, who trust me, will ask the hard questions. And you won't get a cent of their money without answering ALL of the questions to their liking.

Enter Bravo's TV show. We have a lot of hipsters with great sales pitches, but not really a platform to sell. They're the new generation of freeloaders who think pitching all day is a real job. Even if you're not making money. For example, Sarah on the show lives for free in the East Palo Alto Four Seasons' Hotel for blogging about the place. She's a grown-up Eloise at the Plaza. Only she probably has to snag a date to get her dinner paid for.

These people are NOTHING like the real Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. My favorite character because she's basically Ashley Stockingdale with an English accent is Hermione. She shows up at the Venture Capitalists to meets with a woman who is all business. In fact, she was one of the first women to privately invest in going to space. And do you know what Hermione does when she meets her?

She kicks up her leg and says, "I wore my Space Leggings to pay homage to you."

Needless to say, the investor was not impressed. This is not Ben's (her brother) first rodeo. He's had successful businesses before. He might want to leave her home to try on outfits.


I think this generation needs to learn what a real job is. You can't be your own boss right out of the gate. People ASPIRE to be their own boss. Everyone should have had to sling burgers or the like at some point in their life. That's reality.