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Hoarder has to be rescued by a chainsaw...

Boots baby!

I'm wearing my boots today. Like all 80's girls, I stuff my jeans in them and this creates problems for my children -- who can only roll their eyes in embarrassment that their mom is so righteous and awesome. LOL

We were in Starbucks this morning and I'm swaying to Duke Ellington and my daughter says, "All these creepers look at you creepy and you don't even notice."

"Why would I want to notice that?"

Then, we get home and she tells me how dorky I look in my boots. "So is that why the creepers are staring at me?"

"If you want Prince Charming, you need a sparkly shirt that flows and throw away those jeans. You're too old for skinny jeans."

"The creepers don't think so."

At this point, she slaps her forehead and leaves for school and that is just where you want your kids. Where they think you're hopeless, baby!


Oh, I saw an article that said if you wear your handbag like I do (out and over the crook of your arm) it's a position of power. Nah, it's saying, check out my hot handbag, don't you wish you had it?

Went to my friend's house. Check us out today, and she is OLDER than me. So pphttt. LOL

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