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Bachelor Sean Gets A Book Cover...

The first one-on-one is with Sarah. She’s the blonde with one arm — and surprise, they’re going on a helicopter. I love how the girls always give credit to Sean — and not the producers for the wild modes of transportation. Sean looks like a Ford F150 guy to me. I wonder what he really drives. Meanwhile, there is much sniping and gnashing of teeth at the house.

Seriously, if Sarah says one more time that she has ONE arm, I’m going to hurl. We get it. You’re darling and you’re blonde. I think you’re fine. So they are on top of a skyscraper and apparently, they’re going to freefall to the bottom. Okay, THAT is not a date. Skiing, hiking, heck, even BOWLING is a date, but this is just stupidity for a sick adrenaline rush. They put a helmet on her. Yeah, that’s going to help if the rope gives way. Just sayin’

Ah, we’re getting a GoPro camera commercial. That’s the point. I suppose bowling from a GoPro isn’t all that exciting. Though I did see some fabulous surfing video at dinner on the GoPro. Next time, they should give them some Windex and accomplish something while they’re at it.

Now, it’s evening and Sarah is telling us her sob story about being disabled and therefore, unable to zip line. Apparently, her daddy told her that moment is why she needs a strong man to handle things. Seriously? Get out the glass slipper! To me, Sean doesn’t seem that into her, but he claims he’s had fun, so she gets the rose. Still, he talks of butterflies, but I’m not seeing the chemistry. You?

13 Girls on the Group Date. Oh vey — that does not sound good for anyone. They’re going to be posing for Harlequin Romance Covers. That’s some realism. Still, I wish one of them was my books because I’ll bet Sean is going to sell something fierce. Gena Showalter is one of the authors! She used to be on a chick lit loop with me. YAY Gena, go girl!

Actually, these would be great covers for a Denise Hunter novel.

A Cowboy's Touch

Tierra is ticking everyone off with her big mouth. Kristy thinks she’s got this in the bag because…SHE is a model! Oh my gosh, on the Bachelor? Say it isn’t so! Apparently, Harlequin agrees because she "brought the heat." In my opinion, that isn't easy with Sean, so she earns her win.

I like the cowboy version though.


After the photo shoot, Sean is into Leslie, but she's nervous and missing out on the kiss he wants to give her. They're cute and childish together. She could have kissed him if she stopped talking about the weather. LOL She comes back later and goes for it, which is awkward and public.

Kacie B is back. I hadn't realized until now that she annoys me. But yes, she annoys me. Cuz she like, has to say that like, she likes him and like, you know, she's like, there for him. She tires me out.


Katie talks to Sean and says that she's not adjusting well. As an introvert, I totally get it, but she's not doing anything for her Zen nature and the effects of Yoga in her life. She decides to go home on her own. I admire that. I'd be in the same limo. No, Sean would have sent me home on the first night, as I could be his Mommy. LOL

Kacie, like totally gets the rose. She toasts her win with a brew. Classy.

On his date with Desiree, he's setting her up to believe she's destroyed a million dollar piece of art. If any of this art is worth more than a buck, I fail to see it. I'm not sure I could take this joke. A sense of humor is one thing, being pranked on your first date? Clueless.

I love how she doesn't fawn over the art, she says,"Ah, it's interesting." She is so cute and she's trying desperately not to giggle and she handles it well. She'd better get the rose!

Cut to obligatory hot tub scene.

At this house, cut to a Manchester United game. Oh well, chances are I have no idea who is going home anyway...