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Thank you to all who joined us tonight on the Webcast!

It was a lot of fun, and I hope I didn't say anything where I put my foot in my mouth TOO badly, but one never knows. This is why I never watch my interviews -- so I don't have to cringe later.

Good things are happening here. Prayers coveted! Thanks again for those of you who showed up, it was a lot of fun. I didn't like that we couldn't actually see you who were there.

Here's the video if you're interested. We crashed the site, so I don't know how that's handled. I know I will not be watching it, and if I said something embarrassing and you hear it? Don't tell me about it. Ignorance is bliss. : )


Don't forget to join us tonight for the Secretly Smitten Live Webcast:

Join Colleen Coble, Denise Hunter and myself tonight for our live webcast celebrating friendship and community. They'll be giving away lots of great prizes, including copies of Secretly Smitten on tape, Smitten Nail Polish and Starbucks gift certificates.


Boycotts & Humor...

On Facebook, there is a group asking to boycott SNL because of something they said about Jesus. Now, here's the thing. Maybe it's my background in journalism, but I'm a strong advocate for people being able to say what they think. Even if I don't agree with it. Otherwise, how are we different from Sharia law? I also think my God is tough enough to handle it.

I totally respect people's right to turn something off that offends them, but Kevin Hart is hosting SNL this week and I LOVE ME some Kevin Hart. So I'm watching Saturday Night Live. I looked long and hard for a video where Kevin is not swearing. He tends to swear, but my kids are the ones who turned me onto him. Because there's a video where Kevin Hart's mother tells him to tell off a teacher -- and my kids said it was totally me. (It was -- do not mess with me as a mommy.) His comic timing is perfection.

So here's the thing. Unless something is truthful, it isn't funny. And we should never be afraid of the truth. Lies led to McCarthyism, Nazism, you name it. Truth is always better than a pretty lie, no matter how it's delivered.


Brandi Glanville's Drinking & Tweeting to be a movie?

Brandi Glanville, wronged ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian, wrote a book detailing her heartbreaking betrayal in "Drinking & Tweeting" -- Brandi promised when she told her side of the story and when she was done with publicity for the book that she would never speak of the incident, or her ex again.

Now, comes word that she may have optioned the book for a movie. I really hope for her sake that she doesn't do this. It's time to move on. If you're clutching one thing in your hand, it's not open to receive something new and better for you. She needs to let go and find something else to be famous for, but how does she do that when she's got a NYT bestseller and finally has an income?

That being said, I don't have any sympathy for LeAnn Rimes after reading the book. Listen, you can have my loser ex-husband, but the minute you start taunting me with MY kids? You're toast. That's what bugged me about the book -- the way that LeAnn and Eddie were constantly tweeting and showing themselves as "the happy family" at Christmas, etc. just replacing Brandi. That was just cruel and anyone capable of that deserves what they get.

It's kind of a perfect storm though. How does Brandi turn down the option money and the chance to make big dollars on the movie when she's been left with nothing and has to support her kids? I suppose if LeAnn and Eddie want their privacy, they need to pony up some decent child support for Brandi.


Who will be the next Bachelorette?

If it were between AshLee and Desiree, I would have to think it would be Desiree. I think we saw that dark side of AshLee that needs to be worked out in counseling and doesn't make for a great Bachelorette. Desiree is the one who got away -- and I think Sean may regret that. Plus, her brother would be boss to have interrogate the guys. Much fun.

I like AshLee. She didn't deserve to be ousted that way, but I think Sean got rid of her before the last week knowing who he's going to pick -- and knowing she was not going to be able to handle the rejection.

If it were between the two who are left -- Catherine would be fun, but Lindsay -- I can't even remember her name or anything about her personality -- so I'm not sure she's Bachelorette material.

Sean SEEMS like he wants to commit, but I'd be really surprised if he follows through on actual commitment. What say you?


Lions, Bears and...Stereotypes?

I was reading this article about a Romanian gangster named Nutzu (real name Ion Balint) who kept lions and bears on his property reportedly to intimidate rivals in the "pawn" business. The animals have been removed now, but that isn't what caught my attention. Read this description and tell me if this isn't the movie stereotype for an Eastern European thug?

Balint, 48, a stocky man with a mustache and a receding hairline, often appears dressed in T-shirts and tracksuits.

Just sayin' -- there's a reason stereotypes exist.


Love @TheChew

Cooking dinner for four kids is officially old. I am so grateful to have discovered The Chew -- which features new, and very easy recipes daily. I started getting my kids involved in the actual production and that has helped immensely. I also love their website and getting tips from other moms who are simply tired of making new and interesting recipes that kids will like. Having the experience of people who actually enjoy cooking really helps me as a writer. Because I can use THEIR creativity for cooking and mine for writing.

Elle watches with me after school and uses her newfound skills to help.

Here's Elle making Michael Symon's Chicken Scallopini. She did a great job and the boys ate every last bit of it. That is a complete win! (Pounding out the chicken is good for the day's aggression as well.)

Visit their website, it's a really great one:


Argo From an 18-year old's perspective...

Let's face it, the fashions from the 70's are an abomination, but what my son noticed most in the movie was the technology. He actually LAUGHED when he saw the electric typewriter. I told him, "That's an IBM Selectric. That was top of the line and what I learned on."

He found this hilarious.

Then, he stops the film when we get to the woman taking Polaroids in the market. "Wait a minute. What happened to the bulbs on the camera when they burned out?"

"They were done. You had to take that bulb off and get a new one."

"No way!"

Screen shot 2011-02-15 at 11.24.02 AM

Behind us at the time was DH's prototype for the laser technology available in cameras. These kids have NO idea how far technology has come in my lifetime. They don't appreciate that we had to run home to get a glimpse of Adam Ant on MTV while Martha Quinn was on because she had a crush too. We didn't have no stinkin' YOUTUBE!

My son watches this guy on YouTube who went through the main Google questions starting with each letter of the Alphabet. The one he couldn't answer, "Why are Dina and Caroline fighting?" I could answer. (Real Housewives of New Jersey sisters) Do you think my son was impressed? He was not. But he should be -- because the VlogBrothers couldn't answer it.

So technology doesn't take care of everything. In fact, it's been quite annoying this morning because it's the Apple shareholders' meeting and the Starbucks was packed! Mommy without coffee = unfortunate morning.