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The epitome of greed...


This is Scott Wilson. He was killed when drunk driver and polo magnate, John Goodman ran Scott's car into a pond, didn't stop and poor Scott drowned.


But if you think that's where this story ends, you'd be wrong because in John Goodman's world, Scott Wilson's life is no loss. He must protect his fortune. Goodman is on house-arrest. He used his kids' trust fund to buy the house for $3.8 million and rents it for $2,000 a month.


Then, believing he should have no penance whatsoever for a life taken, he tries to adopt his 42-year old girlfriend so that the kids' trust fund will be split THREE ways rather than two. In other words, this guy is SOOO bad, he will steal from his own children to protect himself and deflect any retribution for his crimes.

Yesterday, a judge reversed the adoption (aka legal maneuver to shelter cash) saying that he committed fraud by not telling his ex-wife of his plans to steal a large part of their fortune. Ya think?

This was written in the motion (that was filed by his biological teen children and their mother) , ‘If Mr. Goodman would like to protect her and take care of her financially, the obvious solution would be to marry her – not to make her his child.’

But see, that would split HIS third in half, and I'm sure he made a better deal with the girlfriend. Some people aren't worth the skin they're in. This is a man who thinks Scott Wilson's life is worth nothing and who would steal from his own children. Why is he on house arrest?