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To Matthew McConaughey: Lance Armstrong is the definition of a liar!

Matthew McConaughey is defending his friend Lance Armstrong. He's saying that Lance told a lie, he is not a liar.

I'm sorry. He told a BAJILLION lies. He destroyed the reputation of good people to keep himself on top and he stole his titles from deserving athletes. He did not "tell a lie" -- We all tell lies. "Your butt looks great in those jeans."

What makes you lie and not a liar? You're lying to protect someone. Not yourself. Lance Armstrong never did anything for anyone but himself, and if anyone deserves the label of liar, it is Lance Armstrong. I don't feel remotely sorry for this guy. He brought others into his lies, he used people. He knowingly made false accusations and he had NEVER said he was sorry for his crimes. He has tried to justify them. (Did you watch the Oprah interview? This is not a man who is sorry, but one who is sorry he got caught.) I swear, I'd trust Tiger Woods before I'd trust Lance Armstrong.

His lies RUINED people. Their reputations, their rightful wins, doctors who doped him, girlfriends/wives who lied for him. And it went on for YEARS, so it wasn't "a lie."

Matthew, you're known by the company you keep and if I was your wife, I'd question your loyalty to such a man.