Matthew Warren, Rest in Peace
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Lilly Pulitzer Rest in Peace & A Colorful Heaven...

Lilly Pulitzer died at 81. I LOVE this woman and her style. She was a bored housewife selling her oranges from her Florida grove, when she needed a cool, easy shift that would hide the juice from the oranges. Lilly Pulitzer and her signature pink & green were born.


She created an empire and a style all her own. She inspired me and my first Lilly piece was a bright green maternity sweater. When I lost the pregnancy weight, Elle and I had matching dresses & capris. She has since sold her company, but her legacy will live on.


It's been a sad week, hasn't it? On Easter, I was all excited to come home and tell my neighbor, a WWII navigator on a B29 bomber, that I watched a special on the Saipan campaign and I knew all about where he was -- and when I got home, he had passed away that weekend. : (